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How to stay safe

Secutiry online tips, be aware

In modern times it is very easy for hackers to access your information if you are not careful. From receipts to using the same network as somebody, therefore it is important that you are aware of these facts. Here are some basic tips on online safety

  • Keep personal information to yourself
  • Be careful who you lend your phone to; they can easily extract information about you.
  • Never leave receipts on the ground or put them in the bin.
  • Consistently update you privacy settings on social networking websites.
  • Be careful that you don't purchase items from fake websites.
  • Keep passwords to yourself.
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Online Security Tips: How to Protect Yourself while Shopping and Banking Online
Forensic Computing

Forensic computing is the ability to retrieve information off of a wiped hard-rive.

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Change the default password on the back of your internet router box. Otherwise people can use it as it is the same as all other models of the router.
Social media safety

Keep passwords to yourself and make your posts private.

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Have a different password for different emails, online sites or gaming websites!

Viruses can be obtained from downloading content off of the internet or signing up for fake / illegal websites

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PIN numbers

Personal Identification Numbers are the numbers on your credit card or bank card. Keep the number to yourself and do not share it for safety.

Biometric scanners

Biometric scanners are scanners that measure unique qualities of the human body.


Encryption when you translate normal text to secret code

Being safe online is essential to being online, with this knowledge, you can now roam safely on the internet