Mrs. Markle's First Grade News

March, 2014

Parent Information

In February we celebrated many events and holidays - Valentine's Day, President's Day, Groundhog's Day, the hundreth day of school, and National Dental Health Month.

In March we celebrate Read Across America all month long. We will be having guest readers come in to read to the class. We will also be completing many Dr. Seuss activities.

In order to make up one of the snow days, March 12th is now a student day. Look for more information on snow make-up days on the Methacton Web Site.


Last month we spent a lot of time writing letters to each student in the class. I wish you could have seen the looks of joy on the children's faces when they read their letters. If you have not had a chance to read Somebody Loves You that your child brought home, please take a few minutes to have your child share his or her book with you.

We continue to work on our spelling patterns. Currently we are working on the double vowel patterns. This can be a tricky pattern for many students. I teach them a poem to help them remember, "Two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking."

For our read-aloud, I am reading the Mercy Watson series of chapter books to the students. They LOVE them!! They are by Kate DeCamillio, and they are perfect for first graders in any reading level.


The children continue to work hard on their first grade math skills such as money, time, measurement, addition, and subtraction. If you would like some extra math to do at home, please go on the Methacton Wiki. There are tons of websites to help your child. Right now we are working on fact families and name collection boxes. The Family Homelink in the beginning of each chapter is also a great resource for parents.


Mrs. Markle is continuing to learn all about the iPads along with the students. We have used a new app called Hideout. It is wonderful for word families. The students really like it. I have also put a link in my google drive in order to store and share student projects. I am hopeful that this link is now working. Thanks for your patience with my learning curve! Many thanks to Andrea Schaeffer for helping me by being my guinea pig!


Here are several links to student work. The first two links are the ones I tried to send to you last month. This was completed on an app called 30 Hands. I believe it should work now.

The last two links are books that the class created. These can be opened in epub or in book creator on an iPad, iPhone or iPod. If you need more information on how to open and read them, copy and paste this link.

I will be putting more student work on the google drive this month.