Lamington national park

By Amelie


Green mountain, buttress roots, large leaves, ferns and orchids are some of the flora Lamington has.
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Some of lamington's fauna is a Richmond birdwing butterfly, king parrot, kookaburra, rainbow lorikeet and crimson rosella.

historical or culture

Aboriginal kinship group (Yugambeh). Prior to European settlement, the Lamington region had been inhabited by Aboriginal people of the Yugambeh language for thousands of years. The family tribes that lived closest to Lamington National Park are the Birinburra, Kombumerri, Wangerriburra and Migunberri people.

Top 5 experiences

  1. Having a King Parrot land on your head whilst in the bird feeding arena at O’Reilly’s
  2. Viewing glow worms on moist rainforest creek banks
  3. Seeing a thousand year old Antarctic Beech forest in the mist
  4. Watching a Peregrine Falcon in a dive faster than any other bird on the planet

5.Driving the road to O'Reilly's (or Green Mountains) through the rainforest

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Visiter attractions

Visitor attractions and park facilities:attractions 'Kurraragin' (Egg Rock),coomera falls,walking tracks, the story stone.
Costs: $5.75 per day/night
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