New Product Money Sleeve

By Jacqueline Arendt

About the company

Doug Arendt founded the company in 2000 his brother was good friends with Samuel Slater and Robert Fulton. Are company is a very fast working company with 1000 people working for us we work faster than the old factory system. The company is working right here in the midwest.

Company History

Our company was made after we read a book on the industrial revolution.We also learned about sectionalism and nationalism in school so we thought why not try to make a new American System to protect our country and its money. We tried to get a picture of James Monroe to hang in our shop but we could not find one any where.

Our product

Our product is the Money Sleeve its purpose is to protect your money .It allows you to keep your money forever.This a online only product so if you don't have internet give your friend a call and tell him to order you some money sleeves.


Special deal buy 100 money sleeves get 100 free hurry this offer won't last for long call now. You can always buy in bulk and it is only 1 dollar per sleeve.

Data and Warrantee

100 percent of people love our product it will protect your money and keep it safe.

It never breaks and if it does I will give you 500 sleeves free no charge to you.

National Pride

This product will keep your money out of the hands of evil and save our country from national debt oh wait we already are in a huge debt my bad.But still keep your money in your hands not theirs.
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