Egyptian Pyramids

The Mystery (now solved) of the Egyptian World Wonders

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. How did they come to be?

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History (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

The Pyramids all started about 5,000 years ago in 3100 B.C. (Millard, 1996) when this guy named Menes united Egypt. After Egypt had been united, Egyptian culture began to develop and the pharaoh was named as king of Egypt, the first one being Menes.

After a few more centuries and more pharaohs had cycled through the leadership of Egypt, the king was named as Djoser. He reigned for 28 years starting in 2670 B.C. ("Egyptian Pyramids", 2016) But Djoser wasn't an ordinary pharaoh. He thought that you

Menes, united and became the first pharaoh of Egypt. He reigned for 62 years ("Egyptian Pyramids", 2016) and was supposedly killed by a hippopotamus. should have an afterlife after you die. As a result of this he needed a place to live his afterlife. So, he consulted his most respected and intelligent architect who's name was Imhotep (Logan, 2015) and some of his builders to construct his tomb.

Djoser told Imhotep that he wanted his tomb to be a pyramid. Imhotep and his builders got to work and in about 7 years his final product was complete. The step pyramid of Saqqara

Djoser, the first pharaoh to build a pyramid (Logan, 2015). Though his pyramid wasn't the best pyramid ever made it still marked an important part of Egyptian history. ("Egyptian Pyramids", 2016). This pyramid was considered to be the first architectural feature ever built. It still stands today in modern day Egypt. Thanks to Djoser, the pyramid age started (Millard, 1996).

A few other pyramids were built after Djoser's pyramid before the great pyramid was built which was the Pharaoh Khufu's tomb. The great pyramid is the pyramid that we all know today and it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. The great pyramid was built at Giza and it still stands today at over 480 feet tall ("Egyptian Pyramids", 2016). Thanks to Menes, Djoser, and Khufu we have some pretty cool stuff to look at today.


Pretty much if you look up the "Egyptian Pyramids" you will find the explaination and how they came to be. Also all the sources I have used had the same information, so it was pretty easy to make a conclusion about what happened and how it happened.

Are the Pyramids real?

Of course the pyramids are real. If you go to Egypt and you go to one of the pyramid sites you will find the pyramids and all the other structures along with them. Seeing is believing. The pyramids are definantly real.