The Rainbow Of Health

By : Syerra Liptrot, Amareyah Monteiro, Kianna Mason

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What We Expect That U Will Recieve

  • Expect Greatness When You Leave Here
  • Enjoy Yourself With A Postive Attitude Instead Of A Negative
  • Our Logo Represents Eating Health And Good Exercise

What We Hope That Will Happen

We Hope That Greater Will Be Instored In You And That You Will Come Out Being Better Than Ever.

What Were About

Location And Cost

Friday, Oct. 16th 2015 at 6am-8pm

111 Mulberry Street

New York, NY

  • Were Open From 6:30 a.m. Till 8:00p.m.
  • Also We Include Child Care Services While Parnets Work Out
  • Cost Per Day $10.00
  • Cost Per Month $35.00
  • Cost Per Year $65.00

Our Serivce

Our Staff Should Greet You Well And If They Don't Please Feel Free To Contact A Manger. When You Let Us Know We Will Take Action For It. Hopefully You Walk Out With A Great Workout And Happy Smiles On You Faces.Our Customers Matter.!!

Our Fitness Strengths

Our Fitness Componets Are Musclar Strength-Body Buliding,Flexiblity-Streching,Body Composition-Eating Healthy,Cardioresiratory Endurance-Running,Muscular Endurance,Muscles. Thoses Are Out Five Componets We Focus On To Get You Health.

Our Four Physical Activity

We Do Cycling Classes On A Bicycle,Running On A Treadmil,Swimming In The Pool, And Zumba For Physical Activity.

Classes Pd.

Syerra Liptrot Amareyah , Kiannna