Classroom Management

Videos to inspire students to clean, conserve, and care

Less Nagging More Fun

How many times have you felt like the only one in the classroom who has any sense of responsibility and ownership? It was a constant problem for me as I tried to protect my supplies and maintain organization in my space all while orchestrating the symphony we call a school day. Here are some student made videos that kept me from nagging and added more fun to the equation. Read more about our Fugleflicks in this Education World story or this image from SchoolArts Magazine article .

Fugleflicks to solve Classroom Management Issues

Let's Be Green When we Clean

This video encourages students to conserve paper towel, water, and remember to recycle paper scraps as they clean the room. You'll hear from the sink, sponge, paper towel, garbage can, and recycling bin as students work.

Swept Away

The paper, pencil, and eraser were left on the floor at the end of class to face an early end to their usefulness when the custodian comes to clean. Listen to them sing about what they hope and wish for in their lives in this video.

Push Up Your Sleeves

This quick little video shows students exactly how to be MONA-ificent as they enter the room, push up their sleeves, make their eyes, hands, & mouths quiet and ready to learn.

Pencil Exchange

This movie helps put an end to the loud disruptions of pencil sharpening interrupting the teacher. The Pencil Exchange and video was all I needed for a quiet solution to sharpen dull pencils.

The Glue Blues

Everything comes to a screeching halt if your glue bottles are clogged. After this happening too many times I asked a few glue bottles to explain how to prevent the problem. Watch this video to never get the glue blues again.

The Listen Plea

This quick video goes over what it means to be a good listener. It redirects the attention of students, helps them focus again, and hopefully know what the teacher is looking for when she says, "Listen".

Be Kind to Your Erasers

Do your students abuse erasers? Do they stab them? Break them? Draw on them? What if the erasers sought revenge for all the mistreatment? It might look like this silly little video.

Shark Dog~a Brilliant Mistake

Do your student get upset when their art doesn't turn out as expected? Help them make their mistakes into something brilliant. This movie was inspired by Shark Dog. Read the story here.

Digital Portfolio

My students create a digital portfolio to capture their growth and learning throughout their six years of elementary art. They archive it on a CD. To quickly explain this concept I show this little video.

Online Art Gallery

My students use Artsonia to host their digital online art gallery. This little infomercial helps everyone understand how this site is great for viewing, sharing, receiving feedback, and celebrating student art.

Tricia Fuglestad

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