Mark Twain's Life


  • Mark Twain, also known as Samuel Clemens, was born on November 30, 1885.
  • He was born in Florida, Missouri in the U.S..
  • Samuel Clemens was the 6th child of John Marshell and Jane Lampton Clemens.
  • He died on April 21,1910


  • He had poor health for 10 years of his life.
  • His parents always thought he had a sense in His family had problems so bad that they had to move 30 mi. east of Florida to Hannibal.
  • His childhood was really rough because his sister Margret got really sick and died from a fever.
  • Sam Clemens worked several odd jobs after his father died.
  • In 1844 Clemens found a corpse in his fathers office; it was the body of an emigrant who had been stabbed in a quarrel and was placed there for inquest.
  • He later had to watch his friend drown.
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  • Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, played hookie a lot with his mom but she knew because he always was sent to the typing office.
  • Some of the books he wrote were
  • "The Innocents Abroad" (1869)
  • "Roughing It" (1872)
  • "The Adventures of Tom Sewer" (1876) and many more!
  • His first book was "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and other Sketches." But did not sell well. That same year he moved to New York City, serving at the traveling correspondent.
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  • It wasn't till the age of 37 that he realized he'd become a " literary person."
  • He didn't only want to write though he wanted to explore the world.
  • He got to publish writings into his brothers paper.
  • Sam joined his brother in his business for a little over a year until he moved to Cincinnati.
  • Sam had his eye on a pilots license.
  • Sam started his own business that injured his brother Henry working one of his boats.
  • The Civil War severely curtailed river traffic. Because of this he put his business to a halt.
  • He went back to Hannibal, where he joined the pro-secessionist Marion Rangers, a ragtag lot of about dozen men.


  • His family that caused them to move 30 mi. east of Florida to Hannibal.
  • His sister Margret got really sick and died from a fever.
  • When Sam was 3 years old his brother Benjamin died.
  • Later in the years his father died in 1847 from pneumonia.
  • His death later caused financial problems for the family.


  • He loved to write and he was funny.
  • He liked to scrap book
  • He was very good at making people laugh

Extra Facts

  • He fell in love with Laura Wright. The courtship dissolved in a misunderstanding vut she was remembered.
  • He married Olivia Langdon on Feb. 2, 1870.
  • They had 5 kids!
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