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TVB as Bulk Drug Merchandiser, deals in China, Turkey, USA, UK, Australia and other part of the globe which carry a huge responsibility to sustain superior quality and timely delivery of consignments. Keeping efficiency and dedication in mind, we also earn huge profits apart from winning trust of our clients. We believe in following points to serve best in the market:

· Strong network connections- TVB interact directly with buyers and sellers. TVB have a wide network of connections with a ready list of bulk buyers and suppliers. It helps to give great service along with enhancing their business.

· Supply chain management- As Bulk Drug Merchandisers need to buy medicines in bulk quantity and store them. Since customers can place order for a particular medicine anytime, we should store medicines in sufficient quantity. So, efficiently manage the suppliers and orders for vast quantity and ensure smooth Drugs supply chain.

· Efficient logistic- TVB have a fluent connection between various departments of the pharmacy. We have a robust logistic support to run our business.

· Stock monitoring - Stock monitoring is the biggest problem for any bulk merchandiser or exporter. A good Merchandiser has a complete idea about their stock and requirements which we have achieved with our experience and support of our professional staff.

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