APAC Connectivity Newsletter

December 2014

Christmas production

Dear all,

CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR is fast approaching! Get your socks ready.. may Santa Claus bring you something magical this year! Let’s keep abreast of what happened in December!

We want you to feel and stay engaged.

Employee Referral & Networking Event

We hosted our first APAC networking event in ICC which attracted many potential candidates to attend. Thank you very much for everyone’s effort to refer new talents, we will be arranging a new round of interviews shortly. We would like you to know that your efforts to build up Capco’s presence in Asia will not go unseen and we encourage more of that.

HK Office Christmas Party

I trust that you all had a fantastic time. It was a delightful evening packed with great fun, I am sure you all enjoyed Neil’s Gangnam dance and the moment when Shung hit the dance floor. Thanks to Kilian for providing the venue and all the associates’ extraordinary contribution to this successful event for Capco Hong Kong. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Food Lover – Chicken Hotpot

Chicken hotpot organized by the Future of Fun was a great success. We had 11 employees attended the event and share a good memory together. The food lover’s November pick was “來來重慶雞煲”, a popular dining place for chicken hotpot. We will have another food proposal soon, so don’t miss out.

Comments from food lovers:

Ryan: "Nice dinner everyone!"

Salina: "Yohoo! It was a great night!"

Ivan: "it was great to see everyone! It's my first time chicken hotpot!"

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Food Drive

This festive season, in an effort to spread the Christmas cheer, the Capco Hong Kong office ran a week-long food drive in partnership with Feeding Hong Kong. Capconians donated generously to the food drive as fighting hunger in Hong Kong is a cause we are passionate about. Feeding Hong Kong is the first Hong Kong food bank dedicated to rescuing surplus nutritious food from retailers, distributors and manufacturers and redistributing it to people in need. Capco Hong Kong is pleased to have been able to contribute 2 boxes (approximately 240 cans of food) to Feeding Hong Kong's Festive Food Drive.

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Monthly Featured Capco-ers

Aditya Luthra – Consultant

Learn more about project Aditya is working on HERE

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New to Capco family… Welcome! (Dec 2014/Jan 2015)

We are reaching 60 people.

Brent Ingham – Managing Principal

John King – Senior Consultant

Stella Alvarez – Recruitment Business Partner

Cecilia Yu – Senior Consultant

Daniel Lee – Senior Consultant

Simon Cheung – Consultant

Craig Worobec – Senior Consultant

William Lee – Principal Consultant

APAC Connectivity Committee

Leonard Tran

Hi I'm Lenny, the "Aussie" and enjoy Hong Kong's vibrant city, exciting lifestyle and stewed chicken feet. I've been with Capco for over 1.5 years and enjoy a good discussion on sports, travelling and the current state of the air quality in Hong Kong.

Donald Lam

Hi, I am Donald, the "music lover." I love visiting bars with live music around HK. I started as a Consultant about 2 months ago (time flies). I am currently working on HSBC Olympics site. If you drop by, don’t hesitate to call me up for lunch or coffee, or even dinner.

Kimberly Sawyer

Hi, I'm Kim the "Vintage Hunter." I feel most inspired while hunting for those rare vintage gems/jewels or signature pieces throughout the many cities I have traveled, most recently in and around Asia Pacific. I've been with Capco for about 2 years and extremely excited to be part of the people agenda for this progressive and fast-growing region. I look forward to hearing from you on how we can make this the best place to work!

Jac Tse

Hi, I am Jac, the “explorer”. Everything I come across (foods, arts, places etc.), I constantly make effort to look into their tiny details. Curiosity is powerful! It changes your personality, widens your thoughts, and ultimately makes you a more intelligent person. I joined in Oct 2014. What I like most about Capco is the flat hierarchy it has. Everyone is generous, easy-going and approachable.

Christopher Chan

Hi, I’m Chris, the “drinks lover”. I’ve joined Capco for 2 months now and I enjoy networking/socializing over a few pints. I’m also a big fan of whiskey too, hit me up if you fancy a drink after work =]