Kingdom of Sweden

A nation in Europe.

Climate, Geography, Land

Sweden covers 173,860 square miles of land. In Sweden winter's are long and cold, and summer's are short and surprisingly warm. In fact, Sweden is larger than California. Mountains make up the northwest, but majority of Sweden is flat with a few rolling hills.


People in Sweden have freedom of religion, but most (87%) support Evangelical Lutheran. Their are a few Christians, about 1%, and their are also Jews and Muslims. Swedes are very trendy, but avoid wearing glamorous clothing. Its important to be clean and neat, but they don't believe in being dressy in public. Swedes are very picky about their diet. A few common food are: seafood, potatoes, fresh food, and many different types of cheeses.

The national anthem of Sweden is "Thou Ancient, Thou Free."

Northern to the southern tip, Sweden is about 1,000 miles long, but only 310 miles wide.

Interesting Facts

  • Snow remains on the grounds of Sweden for 100 days each year.
  • On Easter the children dress up as old witches and brooms, and travel door to door to collect candy.
  • The average Swede drink several cups of coffee each day.


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