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The final weeks of any school year are usually the hardest, but they are also exciting and full of celebrations! Pace yourself and enjoy all of the beautiful challenges that brought you to this point. You can and will make it! Summer is a time for teachers to blossom as people and professionals. There is plenty of time to relax with a summer reading selection, begin some self-care routines, and rejuvenate your passion for teaching with targeted professional learning. The majority of our sessions are short one to two-hour sessions designed to spark your thinking and leave plenty of room for everything else you need and want to do this summer. Let's learn together and celebrate the opportunity to make the best one yet for you and your students next year.
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John Dewey stated we don't learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.". Teaching can be so demanding that we do not often give ourselves or our students the time to reflect. Reflection helps us prioritize our time and use our experience to set personal and professional goals. This is the year to give yourself the gift of that time and engage in meaningful reflection.
Building a Reflective Practice has provided tips and strategies for designing a reflection strategy that works for you.

Relax with a good book

Summer reading is not just for students! Indulge in a book to support your emotional health, build skills, challenge your thinking, or simply entertain you. Consider one of the books on the suggested reading list or join our upcoming book club. Time spent with a book is never wasted!
A lighthearted book club

Together we will relax and use the actions and experiences of fictional teachers to reflect on our own professional journey.


Professional Learning can inspire you to refine your skills, extend your professional practice, or simply learn more about something that interests you. Our 8 Regional PL Days offer a little bit of everything. Give us an hour and we will support you and still leave plenty of time for you to enjoy the sunshine!
Regional Professional Learning Opportunities

Check out the variety of events available this summer!

Designing Computer Science Activities for All Learners

National Consultant and computer science teacher Douglas Kiang will lead participants on a journey to engage with the new NYS learning standards and uncover where CS lives in their curriculum. Join us for Beyond the Birdhouse as we design activities and integrate Computer Science across grade levels and content areas.

Social Emotional Learning with Kate Ginney

Explore SEL with Kate Ginney in two different sessions on July 14th. Register to learn methods for integrating trauma-informed practices into skill-building using fiction and non-fiction texts. Or join us in the afternoon for a deep dive into Welcoming Rituals.

Teaching in Remote Learning Environments (TRLE)

Don't let the name discourage you! The TRLE offerings are thoughtfully curated and full of resources that teachers can use with in-person students and blended classrooms. If the description caught your eye, there is still time to join us on June 16th or 17th for some high-quality discussion. eTEACHNY is also available if you want to explore the great work that has been done so far across NYS.

Put our Regional Collaboration System to work for you!

Have you heard about our Networks but not sure what they are? August 25 is your chance to learn about all the ways your participation can help you grow your team and your professional practice.
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Come Play in the Library of Things

Teachers can check equipment out of The Library of Things to experience technology before it is in front of students. Learn how to work with GoPro’s, lego robotics, micro:bits, Ozobots, and much much more!

On the lighter side

E.E. Cummings said the most wasted of all days is the one without laughter. Click here for a quick chuckle or at least a wry smile.

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