Langstons' Learners

November 10-14

Notes from Miss. Langston

I know that we are getting into a crazy time of the year with Thanksgiving right around the corner and Winter Break not far behind that, but I want to encourage you to keep our students focused! We are rapidly approaching the end of the second nine weeks when report cards will be sent home, so continue reminding your child that just because the holidays are here doesn't mean that school should leave our minds. We are starting our unit on persuasive texts this week in class so don't be surprised if your son or daughter begins to get a lot better at persuading you into their way of thinking!!

BCS Turkey Trot!

Thursday, Nov. 27th, 7am

4301 Texas Ave

Bryan, TX

Upcoming Events

November 14- Final draft of persuasive papers due

November 18- Math Unit Test

November 22- Last day to bring in canned food for the class food drive competition

November 25-27- Thanksgiving Holiday

How to contact your teacher?

I respond most quickly to emails, feel free to contact anytime of the day and I will do my very best to get back with you ASAP!

This Week in Class

Attention parents, we are having a VERY busy week in class despite our kiddos eagerness for the holidays to arrive! We are focusing on lots of new information so be sure to ask your students about what we are learning in class.

In math, we are focusing on inequalities with variables on both sides of equations (we're getting into some tough math you may have difficulty remembering! If students are struggling, be sure to contact me about tutoring before your child slips behind).

In science, we are focusing on short and long term environmental changes.

In language arts/ writing, we are beginning persuasive writing (sounds dangerous for these creative, young minds to already be improving their ability to win an argument)

In social studies, we are focusing on the original 13 colonies which lines up perfectly with Thanksgiving right around the corner! Be sure to share your knowledge with your child of the 13 colonies and the first Thanksgiving that the original colonists shared with Native Americans.


Creel Foore- November 3

Janet Turner- November 5

Kali Miller- November 18

Cheryl Jordan- November 24

Lauren Kissner- November 27