Golf Balls

Golf Ball testing

Characteristics And Criteria

  • Ball Drop: Does the ball bounce high? (The ball should bounce a height of 28in or higher)
  • Ball Drop: Does the ball go to a angle when bounce? (The best is for the ball not to a to a angle)

  • Hitting Test: Does the ball go far?(Normally it's around 30 or over)
  • Hitting Test: Does the ball go to a angle? (If the ball goes to a angle it will do the same if hit)
  • Weight: Did it break the paper towel? (Using a lighter ball makes playing easier so a lighter ball is ideal
  • Weight: When put with force did it brake? (Still means that the ball is heavier but is more likely to break)


First I wanted to do a ball drop with all the different kinds of balls I tested. Like does the ball bounce high? I gathered the 3 balls and went into a place with leveled ground. Next I grabbed a tape measure and set it up facing up and down. I then stood 2-3 feet away from it and dropped the ball on the count of 3. I then looked what inch It was closest too. Also I did 3 test for each of them. Then I counted 28in to be the normal amount for one ball.

  • The Nike brand ball got a 31in,32in,33in for that ball. All of the scores add up to 96in. Which makes a 3,4,5 difference between what the brand got and the normal amount

  • The Wilson brand ball got a 28in,26in,24in for that ball. All the scores added up to 78in. Which makes a 0,-2,-4 difference between what the brand got and then normal amount

  • The Callaway brand ball got a 30in,32in,30in for that ball. All the scores added up to 92in. Which makes a 2,4,2 difference between what that brand got and the normal amount

Secondly I did a hitting test, I went to a flatter ground and set up a cup on its side. I stood about 4 feet away from it. I hit the ball using a Ping putter and did a gentle stroke I also measured how far back I went. Then then put down a tape measure to measure the distance my ball went. Also a normal hit is about 30in for this one.

  • The Nike ball brand got a 39, which is +9 over average

  • The Wilson ball got a 34, which is +4 moreover average

  • The Callaway ball got a 49.5, which a lot more over average the ball also hit very well and nice and strait

Moving on to the last test I did a weight test. Now this test was harder. And I didn't have a waiter for things like this so I got inspiration from a toilet paper and paper towel commercials so I decided to put this into my experiment. I put little water on each paper towel and then set the ball carefully on the paper towel.

  • The Nike ball brand didn't break the paper towel with the water but.. With force broke.

  • The Wilson ball brand did the same as Nike

  • The Callaway ball brand also did the same


The Stuff I wante is I the ball to drop at least the height of 28in. Why 28in as I did research and my testing 28in was minimal for the test. I also wanted to expect more from 28in such as Nike got a 32in this proves that this ball is a great ball. And I did a hitting test with all of them. I tested the length the ball goes pretty simple and I looked what inch it went at and recorded it. The last test was the ball couldn't break the paper towel and with force hopefully it wouldn't. These are some of my 5 star criteria I would love to see in these 3 balls. Why did I pick these because a ball drop is mostly what people use the ball drop to tell The height of the ball goes. The Hitting test to show what would happen in real life with a putter.The weight test to show the lightest one is the best and that one would brake.

5-star criteria

Ball Drop: I wanted the ball to drop over 28in if lower got a lower score of course. But why did I choose 28in? I did this bacusse I did reseach and by my test scores.
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I gave Nike 4 golf balls because, It got a 32in which is more then what is average in the Golf ball world. I gave Callaway a 3 golf balls because it got a 30in. Now dont get me wrong its a great ball but I expected more. I gave Wilson a 1 because it did a poorly job it got a 24in during the test.
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Nike got a 39in for its run so it got a higher score. The Callaway ball got a 49.5 this ball did the best so got a 5star. The Wilson Ball got a 3 because it got a 32in which is the least out of all of them so there for got a 3.
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Class test: Length of Golf ball

first set up a little target to try to hit. Then set up a ruler to show where the ball should go before being hit. Then let the person hit the bal witha my old Ping putter I had. Injoy!!! the scores!!
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The Nike ball:

This shows how far they went on the scale of 1-5. 1 being the worst 5 bing the best. As you can see 3,4 got the same 40%. The Ball didnt roll the farthest for that test.
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The Wilson ball:

The Wilson ball did very good. As you can see it got no 1,2 in the test.
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The Callaway Ball:

The Callway ball is kinda every where in scoring. But 2 got the best score so the Callaway ball didnt do the greatest.


Over all all of the golf balls did very good... but one is the best. I looked at what one was the greatest it was....The Wilson ball!!!!!!!!! And im kinda impressed because it got last in all my test and did very poor. When came to the hitting test people seem to see the ball was very easy and glided very nicely and also went pretty far. Than Nike came in a close 2 with a score of 4 people really like the Nike ball the said it was very easy to hit. But still did very good. And last but not least Callaway with a 2. People did not like how it was hit and disliked how far the ball went.