Public School & Education

For the beneift of centennial sake of people!

Unleash the power of human generations!

Education and public school had never existed in America in the nineteenth century, because no one were able to realized the truth power it. Until one day, when Horace Mann, the greatness himself realized this and empower it to human generation, in order to stop the discriminating over uneducated man and women, to bring power to them as they needed, and in bigger view- to bring power to the United States.

Knowledge is power, knowledge is the key to succeed!

Public schools will be build all around the United States from elementary to college and university. School will be provided with books like the McGuffey Readers from grade 1-6. The subjects that the school will teach will include: wrting, reading and comprehending, mathematics, scientifics, religious ideology, etc. This will pushed for a better social developed, tax funded and improve the training of the teacher that provide a avenue for the sharing of information.

Conditions: all men and women are allow, including African American. School will paid by taxes. All teachers are trained and all children are required to attend to school.

So what else, in order for a person to have a free mind to be able to learn new things and that it would be fair for everyone to gain the power of knowledge? That men and women are equal and alcohol berverages will be prohibited.

Finally, this bring us to one question, why should you contribute money to my reform?

The answer is to empower the power of knowledge to our American's human generation, to seed a piece of gold to form a gold mine in future, to seed for a future generation of wise mens, this will also lead to ton of future inventions in technology and scientifically that will bring our United States to a higher level of civilization.

Some of those who realized the power of knowledge

WARNING!!! Seeding take time and it will not bring immediate interest.

Some of the questions you may asked

Does this bring back interest?

Yes, it does. "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"

How can the school be better for our children?

As more people invested in our school, plans will be make build better school, higher salary and establish special trainings for teachers.

Does this even allow disabilities people to attend?

Yes, there are school with trained teachers that developed to teach people who are deaf, blinds, and dumb.