say no to bad drinks and drugs!


Article 1 Title: Drinking

Drinking it’s bad for you. There are also so many bad drinks in the world like beer,vodka,whiskey,and wine can cause DEATH. All of those kinds liquors and alcohol is very bad when you abuse it .They all equal death when you abuse it because can not live without your kidneys.When you abuse it it can affect you by the changes in the function of your kidneys and make them less able to filter them.Some people drink because second hand drinkers or they probably nothing better to do.

Never abuse alcohol and it’s bad for you so why do it.


Article 2 Title: Drugs

Drugs are addicting because once you take one it’s really hard to stop it .People are taking,selling,and hiding drugs like nicotine,meth,tobacco,cocaine,heroin, and crack. These drugs are so addicting because people put ingredients like tobacco and nicotine in them,then it affects people in the nervous system. Then people get addicted and then have to take special medication.Instead of doing that you can also stop it by maybe having a friend watch you and make sure you don’t try do anything sneaky and drink a bunch of water. You can also stop it by maybe going to the movies or playing outside or just taking a walk with your pet or by yourself something like that. Drugs are bad so don’t do take them ever!

Drunk driving

Article 3 Title: Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is usually caused when people go out to a party and drink a bunch of champagne and beer and all of that. Then they all go home and the cops will see you before you see them because if you’re drunk you’re less able to see them. Cops are cracking down on drinking and driving then you will get arrested another way for people to get caught is you can stay home and have a couple of beers and go out to a restaurant or a hotel and on the way you will get arrested again and ask for ID’s and all of that. Being drunk can last up to 1-6 hours but either way one drink and driving can still be drunk driving.Never do it!
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1.Arrested is when you get pulled over by the police.

2.Addicting is where you take something and you can’t stop doing it.

3.Drugs are a pill or some kind of powder that is a medicine or something bad that can kill you.

4.Beer is a drink that grown ups drink and when you abuse it can lead to DEATH!

5.Cops are people who arrest other people for breaking the law.

6.Medication is a special medicine when people have problems or they made a big mistake with their life and have to take it to still be living.

5 question quiz

1. Drugs can ruin your life True or False.

2.When you abuse alcohol it can lead to death True or False.

3.Cops are cracking down on drinking and driving True or False.

4.When you’re drunk you are less able to see cops before they see you True or False.

5.When you abuse alcohol it can affect the function in your kidneys and make them less able to filter the True or False.