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Well, the Heads Words seem to be back!!! I received a large number of very kind messages from parents saying that they would much prefer to have the Friday bulletin ‘story of the week’ rather than updates of things happening on individual days. To be honest , I was quite relieved to find out that some of you were actually reading what I write!! Anyway, Kim Davies who runs the Claires Court Marketing Team will be on the playground with me from 3.15pm - 5pm on Thursday 26 May to get some feedback from you on the quality of our communication to parents in the school. Please feel free to come along when you pick up your sons’ and have a chat with her.

She will be asking questions like:

· Do you read the bulletin every week?

· What bits of the bulletin are most important to you?

· What do you read first?

· On what platform do you read the bulletin? (phone/ipad/pc)

· When and where do you read it? (work/home/2 days later/ Sunday night)

· How do you feel about clicking out of the site for the heads words?

If you are unable to see her on the Thursday and would like to share with us your thoughts, please feel free to email me at with the title ‘Bulletin’.

Right, onto the important topic - the boys. With our assessments taking place this week for Year 1-6 the boys have been put through their paces with the new style Progress Tests for English and Maths. We are expecting to be able to publish the results of these to you by Friday 10 June, although as the papers are being externally moderated, we are at the mercy of GL Assessment! I was very pleased with how the boys applied themselves, and we have been trialing a new ‘checking’ and ‘proofreading’ strategy with certain year groups to establish how effective our pupils skills are when they have a chance to correct any errors.

Outside of school, well done to Freddie Duff and Thomas Webster who were part of the very successful Maidenhead football team who came second in the Sandhurst Under 9 tournament last week. By all accounts, they reached the final without conceding a goal, a remarkable achievement. Well done Freddie and Thomas. Joseph Brittain has also been on impressive form on the tennis court, being officially rated as the top player Under 9 player in Berkshire. I know he has aspirations to take his form onto an even stronger stage, playing regional tournaments. Again, he has already been successful at this level and we may well have a budding Andy Murray in the school. I know a significant number of you were at Maidenhead Rugby Club for the annual presentation of awards to the players this Thursday - we are blessed in this school to have so many boys who enjoy playing their sport both inside and outside of school.

Mr Rowan is getting ready for his ‘extremely busy season’ and is preparing the boys for their annual production. I know he is still looking for a few more boys to join the Key Stage 2 choir, so do give your son a little nudge in his direction if they are interested in singing with their many of their friends in our very active singing group.

This is also the season for Outward Bounds and Tours. This evening Year 4 will be camping over at school having spent the day on Summerleaze lake taking part in all manner of team events and challenges. Year 3 have their camp coming up towards the end of the summer term, and Year 5 and Year 6 will be either traveling on Cricket tour, or travelling on their Bushcraft expeditions! Look out for some wonderful pictures that will be constantly updated on our website in the gallery. I am firm believer that Outward Bounds carries not only a significant educational experience but it also helps the boys to realise skills that they did not know they had. On so many levels, having the confidence and the inclination to challenge yourself in the ‘Great outdoors’ (also our theme for the summer Fete) provides boys with the plenty of life skills, especially regarding collaboration and teamwork.

Our younger boys have also been very busy with their outdoor work, visiting the Thicket, as part of our vegetable growing campaign, and in their afterschool activities. It has not just been about the external environment for them this week. I was delighted to be visited by a number of boys on Thursday with some superb pieces of writing, as you will see from the picture gallery where Adam Cairns, Charlie Yeulett, Ollie Dart and Seb Bose are proudly displaying their work.

In assembly this morning we spoke about the qualities I am looking for in my pupils next week when they take part in our Pupil Problem Solving week. Lots of good answers were offered including independence and resilience……..let’s hope we see plenty of this in our boys!! Wandering around the playing fields I have seen some excellent cricket and athletics being displayed, with Jack Aranaz and Sam Robertson showing lots of speed in Year 1, Freddie Holgate and Oscar Lewington impressing with their all round ability from our Year 2 squad, and Ben Savidge, George Paish and Freddie Galitzine-Scott showing everyone how to hit the ball a long way in Year 3. Well done boys! You can read more of our sports performances in Mr Butterfield’s words below.

What with great determination shown in chess club this week and a superb Year 1 ‘Chinese’ party, it has been a really successful seven day period for our boys, and most importantly, they just seem so happy….even with the assessments going on!! I walked into Mrs Sullivan’s Reception class the other day to be greeted by such happy little faces, with Freddie Frize and Fynn Hennig the first to welcome me proudly and politely into their room, asking if I wanted to play. Some days, this is such a rewarding job to do, and such a privilege to do it in a warm and friendly environment.

I am told that the Summer Ball was very successful, and that there was a bid of £850 for a pupil to do my job for the day. I was delighted to hear of this, and intend to pass all responsibilities (especially the paperwork) over to our winner for one glorious 24 hour session. I am already planning my day off!!!!!!

Mrs Susan Payne remains in hospital and although in great spirits, the C Difficile infection has unfortunately returned. Every one of the cards you as parents have sent remain with Susan in her hospital room, and she tells me regularly that she draws great inspiration from them. I will continue to update you when I have more news.

I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend, and I would like to thank you all for your continued support of the school.

Justin Spanswick
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Despite near monsoonal rain calling off fixtures on Wednesday, we have actually managed to play 13 fixtures over the last seven days.

Last Friday saw the three U10 teams travel to Chesham Prep winning an impressive two matches, with excellent bowling from James Golding and superb batting from Harrison Kerr. The U9 teams teams have had the most luck with the weather this week and have managed to play fixtures against Davenies on Tuesday and all six teams against St George’s on Thursday. Special mention must go to Max Setchell for taking a hat -trick against Davenies, and William McMath for the shot of the day (spotted by Mr Spanswick!) against St George’s.

However, this term is not all about cricket! Today Year 4 are taking part in Outward Bounds and experiencing various water sports at Summerleaze Lake before camping in the great outdoors this evening; more to report on this next week.

It was also fantastic to hear in assembly from Tommy and Jack Beever, telling us in detail how they helped out as their horses competed at Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Nick Butterfield



A very, very early start on Saturday morning saw the Claires Court squad head off to Bristol Grammar School in order to compete in the English Primary Schools Chess Association (EPSCA) Semi-final. The two teams had already won through from a previous round in order to qualify and so the competition was extremely fierce. There were schools from all over the country in attendance.

The Under 11 team, led by Niam Popat, started in blistering form with a strong performance in the first round, though this fast start resulted in increasingly tough opposition as the tournament progressed.

The team ended up earning a Bronze Award.

Special mention should go to both Samuel Tschiesche and Tom Dargan who were playing up an age group; not easy at this level.

The Under 9 team was led by Téo Rybak and performed well throughout. They eventually won a Gold Award and finished =7th overall. This was equal on points with Yately Manor, a team they had beaten 5-0 in the first round. In addition to this, the U9 team drew with the eventual winners, showing just how close they were to the top.

Téo was applauded at the end of the day for finishing undefeated on 5/5, and Kida was praised by several team coaches for being the youngest player at the event.

All the boys represented the school in an exemplary manner and were great ambassadors for Claires Court throughout.

CCJB and Berkshire Chess

We now have dates for the Berkshire Schools U11 and U9 Jamborees.

The U11 Jamboree will take place on Wednesday 8th June at the Abbey School from 2:30pm - 5:30pm.

The U9 Jamboree will be held at CCJB on Tuesday 14 June from 2:30pm - 5:30pm.

Squad invitations will be issued next week.

Richard Hogg


Wednesday 25 May - U11 and U10 cricket photos. Please ensure boys have their kit.

Thursday 26 May - U9 cricket photos. Please ensure boys have their kit.

Monday 30 May - Friday 3 June HALF TERM


Monday 13 June - Y5 Swimming Gala 9.30am - 10.30am. Tea, coffee and croissants will be available from 9am for those coming to support.

Monday 13 June -17 June - Healthy Eating Week

Monday 13 June - Y3 have a visit from the Vikings!

Thursday 16 June - Travelling Book Fair (More details to follow in due course)

Thursday 16 June - Reception to Year 4 Parents evening from 4pm

Friday 17 June - Year 4 Chembakolli Day

Friday 17 June - Reception - Year 2 Swimming Gala 9.30am - 11am. Tea, coffee and croissants will be available from 9am for those coming to support.


Thursday 26 May - Y5 Forties Experience, Bushey, Herts. Please remember a packed lunch.

Friday 10 June - Sunday 12 June - U11 North Devon Cricket Tour. Payment and consent forms are due back by today, 20 May.

Friday 17 June - Sunday 19 June - U10 Isle of Wight Cricket Tour. Payment and consent forms are due back by today. 20 May.


FAO Karate Boys

Please register for your summer course and grading now.


Mrs Hankin and Mrs Hine (and hopefully a few others if they can be persuaded!) are taking part in the Pretty Muddy run in June. It's a muddy run with lots of obstacles. The money we raise will be donated to Myeloma UK . We have selected this charity to show our support for Mrs Payne during her illness. If anyone would like to make a donation please could they send money into the school office in an envelope marked 'Pretty Muddy'.

Thank you, Mrs Hankin.


Our whole school photo is available to view in our entrance hall and you are able to order copies for yourselves using the order instruction sheet which has gone home with boys today. You can view and order your photographs by following the instructions below (images can take 7 – 10 days to be loaded from the day of photography).

Go to -

Enter the name of your event into the search box – Claires Court

Enter your Password - burgundy


Please check the music timetable carefully as there are some changes to lesson days for Mr Hastings and Mrs Leech-Bendell next week.


Our Rabbit winners this week are Noah Walton (Y6) and Dominic Mayling (Y2). Noah has looked after his friends very well this week mediating in a number of situations and showing a great sense of responsibility and maturity. Dominic is consistently his 'Best Self', always striving to treat others as he would like to be treated himself. Both boys are worthy winners of the Rabbit this week.


HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES – May half-term holiday (Tue 31 May to Fri 3 Jun)

There’s just 1 week left to get your ‘best rate’ when you join us for a cultural ‘World of Sport’ this coming holiday - this offer ends FRI 20 May.

Older children can still take part in Sport Xtra Cricket as well as Kool Xtra Cookery, Crafts and Textiles.

>> click for more details on What’s on May half-term and booking.