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2nd Grade Updates

Rocking and Rolling in 2nd Grade!

The second grade students are super-excited for our rock and mineral unit! In this unit, the students will compare and contrast various items and look closely to determine whether the item is a rock or not. Dissecting a rock cookie is another highlight. The children will examine the various "minerals" in the rock cookie to learn that rocks are made of minerals. Crushing granite, scratch tests, and streak tests are also favorites! The unit will conclude with an authentic task and a trip to Lost River Caverns to see a REAL cave!!! Wahoo!!! So...ask your child what makes a rock a rock????
Author's purpose has been a huge focus of our discussion in reading this year. The students learned that it is as easy as PIE...persuade, entertain, or inform! Informative pieces have very specific text features that your child has learned! Ask him/her to find the glossary, index, captions, headings, keywords, diagrams, and maps while reading non-fiction! Make it fun...we call it a Non-Fiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt!