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What is H2Rx?

H2Rx is NOT an insurance program it is a membership program that allows you to join with other H2Rx members to significantly decrease drug costs. Because H2Rx is not insurance, there are no age limits and no restrictions on pre-existing medications.

How does it work?

Our online tools help you identify medications that have less expensive alternatives. If you choose to use our pharmacy, our pharmacists will contact your physician, at your request, to change your medications to the least expensive alternative our online tool has identified. In addition, as an H2Rx member you can be mailed a 90-day supply of medication from the H2Rx Pharmacy. In fact, H2Rx will provide you your prescription at our cost without any markups.

What is the cost?

Our membership fee is $39 per month and memberships last for one year. This membership fee covers you and everyone in your household.

How do I know if H2Rx will save me money?

Simply log onto our website at and click on the DRUG COST TOOL. Enter your medication list and current costs into the system. Our system will calculate how much you could save each year by being a member of H2Rx. If H2Rx is not going to save you money - we'll tell you!

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H2Rx is not a health insurance policy and the H2Rx discounts are available only through the H2Rx Pharmacy. Members are obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount only from the H2Rx Pharmacy.

"Our costs" mean the acquisition cost of the medication plus a fill fee. The fill fee is a standard fee covering the costs of dispensing and shipping. Using this pricing structure, you as an H2Rx member would in effect pay what H2Rx Pharmacy pays to provide you the mediation – thus "you pay what we pay."