SeaWorld Vs Orca Welfare

which side are you on ???????????????????

sea pens Vs. holding tanks

Sea world wanted to use their holding tanks as the killer whales habitat but the killer whale welfare wanted the killer whale only in sea pens .So they had a debate over what should be taken in to use. But the welfare said no anyways because they wanted a safe habitat. They made the idea because it was the best choice for the killer whale survival abilities.

moving the killer whales

Moving the killer whales can be very dangerous and harmful to the whale. They get lifts made mostly of a big tarp and lift them up an drop them into the pens or holding tank. The killer whales are then put into a unfimilar enviornments that they have never seen before for however he or she lives.

Two quotes from your article

Experts disagree on whether the move was a success. is important because that was a big part of the debate.

Animal welfare activists say critics dismiss the pens because they don’t want to consider an alternative to keeping the killer whales captive. They didn't want to move the orcas

Important vocabulary

killer whales are important because there safety is being debated over

activists are important because those are the people who are debating

Sea World the location of the debate

pneumonia, it was a lung disease Kieko had

caretakers are the people who take care of the orcas

the main idea

The main idea of this article was to inform the readers about the current situation.

questions with answers

Should killer whales be released ? Yes because they are captive and it drives them insane.

how does the story of Keiko's death affect the issue of killer whale welfare? Some people are using the story to say that sea pens aren't safe.

how the author organized the article

paragraph 1 is movies making Sea World look bad

paragraph 2 why they are not candidates for going into the wild

paragraph 3 why sea pens are dangerous

paragraph 4 banding breeding ban / Blackfish

paragraph 5 what happen to a free whale in a sea pen

paragraph 6 debate about what is best for the orcas