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April 24, 2015

Coming Up... near and far

The Tatem Fair is tomorrow (Saturday, April 25) 10am-3pm. I hope to see you there!

Monday April 27- Wednesday April 29- EOY (End of Year) PARCC Assessment. We will follow the same routines for the EOY assessment as the PBA assessment in March (no HW, light classwork). Our schedule is as follows:

Monday morning ELA

Tuesday morning Mathematics Test 1

Wednesday morning Mathematics Test 2

May 11- All Tatem third grade classes are visiting the Rowan Planetarium. This will gear us up for our last Science Unit-Space. We will return back to Tatem in time for lunch.

May 27 and 28- We will invite parents and special friends in for our Bio Bash Presentations. We will not even begin this project until May, but I wanted to give you the dates for planning purposes. The week before (May 18), I will send out a sign up sheet so that you can sign up on one of the dates to come in and see your child share/perform their biography project.

June 12- We will be having our Reader's Cafe (name subject to change) from 7:45 am- 8:20am. Parents will be invited to come to the classroom and enjoy a morning of reading with your almost 4th grader! Our "Once Upon a Time" books will be on display from our final writing unit.

Late May/June- We will have 3 "walking field trips" around Haddonfield. I will send out more information closer to these dates along with a chaperone sign up.

Book Bag Reports

The children have worked hard this week on completing their "Book Bag" projects. We will hold presentations Monday-Thursday of next week. The only home-work for this project is for the children to find objects from home that represent their book. They can bring in 5-7 objects that represent their story and that they will use in their presentations.

Bags, objects, and graded rubrics will make their way home sometime next week. I will attach a QR code to each rubric so that you can view their presentation to the class.

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Something to Think About

The "Bio Bash" is an exciting project for Tatem 3rd graders. The students will choose a significant person- living or deceased, research and study their life, and present this information by dressing and acting as that person in a speech given to parents and classmates.

We will begin this project on May 4. I have asked the children to begin talking with their families about what person they should choose to make it a more thoughtful and meaningful experience. This doesn't mean they must come to school on the 4th with a definite selection, but having some ideas will get us started on the right foot.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Earth Day!

We focused our Earth Day studies on the INCREDIBLE amount of trash we produce everyday. Garbology.com guided our discussion and we completed our own experiment by classifying our own lunch trash.
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