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Friday, October 8th, 2021


Dear Parents,

We want to thank a few of our faithful sponsors for Sampson Elementary.

We currently have two sponsors at the $5,000 dollar level:

  • State Farm- Ryan Stegall and
  • The Brook

We also have two GOLD sponsors at the $2000 level:

  • ABC Home & Commercial and
  • Jill Smith Team.

If your family or business is interested in becoming a sponsor for our school, just go to the website and click the BUTTON that says "BECOME A SPONSOR." Thank you for your continued support of our amazing school!


Heather Motzny


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 13th- Papa John’s Pizza Night for Kindergarten

Wednesday, October 20th- PTO Meet & Greet from 8:15-9:15am

Friday, October 22nd- Teacher Work Day (no school for students)

Monday, October 25th-Friday, October 29th: Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 25th- Sunday, October 31st- Half Baked Goodness Spirit Week

Thursday, October 28th- Outdoor Spirit Shop & Bahama Bucks from 3:45-6:00pm

Friday, October 29th- Field Day (all grade levels)

Tuesday, November 9th & Wednesday, November 10th: Family Reading Night

Friday, November 12th - Veterans Day Celebration (in the front of the school) at 8:00 a.m.

Monday, November 22nd- Friday, November 26th- Student and Staff Holiday (no school)

Field Day

Field Day Pre-Registraiton

Visitors are welcome to attend field day and/or lunch on October 29th. Whether you are coming for one or both, every visitor needs to pre-register. Please use the link below to pre-register.


FIELD DAY - Friday, OCTOBER 29th


4th and 5th Grade

8:30-10:10 am Field Day

11:30-12:00 pm Lunch

2nd and 3rd Grade

10:20-12:00 pm Field Day

12:00-12:30 pm Lunch

Kinder and 1st Grade

1:00-2:40 pm Field Day

11:00-11:30 am Lunch

Covid Dashboard

Click this to see a live representation of Covid in all of Cypress Fairbanks ISD.

From the library

Save the Date! Our book fair is coming! Please plan to conference on Tuesday, November 2 and then shop at our book fair. The first shopping day will be on conference day. Students begin shopping on Wednesday, November 3.

Family Reading Nights will be on Tuesday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10! Come and shop and do superhero STEM activities!

Our first Read, Run, Sampson meeting will be on Friday, October 15. All those students who registered are welcome to join us in the gym at 7:15 a.m. We can't wait to get started!

Follow the Sampson Library on social media: Facebook: @librarysampson, Instagram: @sampsonlibrary, Twitter: @mbmaddan

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Spanish Action Based Learning Lab

Next week in Spanish class we will cover the following:

2nd-4th grade:

Lugares de la comunidad: (Places in the community)

El vecindario (neighborhood)

La escuela (school)

El parque (park)

El supermercado (supermarket)

La piscina (swimming pool)

El cine (movie theater)

La biblioteca (library)

La tienda (store)

La gasolinera (gas station)

La comisaria (police station)

El consultorio (doctor’s office)

El correo (post office)

La estación de bomberos (fire station)

El restaurante de comida rápida (fast food restaurant)

1st grade:

Las figuras planas (2 dimensional shapes)

El círculo (circle)

El cuadrado (square)

El rectángulo (rectangle)

El triángulo (triangle)

El óvalo (oval)

El pentágono (pentagon)

El octágono (octagon)

El rombo (rombus)

La estrella (star)

El hexágono (hexagon)


Colores (colors)

rojo (red)

azul (blue)

amarillo (yellow)

verde (green)

morado (purple)

rosado (pink)

anaranjado (orange)

blanco (white)

marrón (brown)

negro (black)

gris (gray)


Sra. Betancourt


Sra. Betancourt

Counselors Corner

Horizons (GT) Testing

The Open Referral Period for Mid-Year Testing (1st-5th) for the Horizons Program is open until Tuesday, November 30th. During this time, parents may choose to refer their child for testing. Parents can get a Parent Permission form for Horizons testing by sending a request to their child’s teacher. 1st-5th grade testing will take place in January and/or February and results will be received at the end of April. Services for 1st-5th grade students who qualify for the Horizons program will not start until next school year (2022-23).

Information regarding Kindergarten Horizons screening will be shared at a later time.

**No Late Permission Forms will be accepted.**

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Small Group Counseling

As part of the guidance program at Sampson Elementary, we are offering small group counseling sessions (1st-5th). The purpose of the group meetings is to help children be more successful in school and everyday life by learning and practicing strategies that can be used independently.

Possible Topics:

· Friendship-learn how to get along with others and make/keep friends

· Changes in Family-dealing with recent separation/divorce/remarriage, or death in family

· Academic Focus/Motivation-learn and practice positive strategies to manage behavior in the classroom

· Self-Confidence-building self-esteem

· Anger Management-identify causes of anger and practice positive coping strategies

· Worry/Anxiety- identify causes of worry/anxiety and practice positive coping strategies

· Problem-Solving Skills- learn and practice problem-solving strategies

Groups will meet for 4-5 sessions during a non-instructional time. Groups will be made up of approximately two to six students from a grade level.

If you would like your child to participate in a counseling group, please contact your child’s counselor via phone 281-213-1600 or email.

Brigitte Campbell Leigh Ann Kasberg

Counselor: 1, 3, 5 Counselor: K, 2, 4

Message to 5th Grade Parents:

Information about K-Level classes for 6th grade:

Once students reach middle school, core classes are leveled: On-level and K-Level.

· On-level classes, just like K-Level classes, provide students with a college preparatory curriculum.

· K-Level classes have entry criteria to be put into the classes and criteria students must meet in order to remain in K-Level for the school year.

· K-Level classes are designed to challenge students beyond grade-level academic courses and prepare them for success in future advanced coursework. K-level classes are more rigorous and in-depth in content, often move at a faster pace, include different types of assignments and may require additional outside reading.

Students are eligible for K-Level classes in 6th grade (2022-2023 school year) if during their 5th grade year:

Ø Earn a yearly average of 85+ in subject (reading/language-average, math, science and social studies)


Ø Earn Masters Level on the STAAR exam for the corresponding subject area

Students who meet the criteria will automatically be placed in K-Level courses for the corresponding subject. Parents may opt the students out of K-Level classes.

If students do not meet the criteria for eligibility, they will not be placed in K-Level courses.

Requests for Teachers to Complete Paperwork for Outside Sources

Requests for Teachers to Complete Paperwork for Outside Sources

(Rating Scales, Observations, Areas of Strengths/Weaknesses)

In order for teachers to fill out forms or other information needed for outside sources (doctors, psychologists, agencies, private schools, taekwondo, tutors, etc.), we must have a release of information (consent) form from the parent. Parents may request the permission form from the counselor or through the teacher. A new permission form needs to be filled out each school year.

Once the permission form is completed and returned, the teachers may fill out the requested paperwork. At Sampson, we follow the District’s procedure to send the paperwork directly to the outside source (doctors, psychologists, agencies, private schools, taekwondo, tutors etc.) via fax or mail. If the parent chooses for the information to be mailed, an envelope (addressed to the outside source with postage attached) should be included with the paperwork provided by the parent.

These procedures are to ensure the student’s needs are addressed legally and ethically.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the counselor.

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Red Ribbon Week Themes

10/25 Monday: Wake Up Drug Free

Wear your Pajamas to school.

10/26 Tuesday: Team Up Against Drugs

Wear your favorite team gear.

10/27 Wednesday: Saying NO is My Superpower

Dress like your favorite Superhero.

10/28 Thursday: Use Your Head...Don't Do Drugs

Wear your favorite hat.

10/29 Friday: Peace Out to Drugs (Field Day)

Wear your field day shirt or Tie dye.

PTO News

Fifth Grade Shirt is Now For Sale!

Grab yours today here!

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Kinder Papa John's Spirit Night - October 13th

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PTO Meet and Greet!

PTO is hosting a meet & greet on Wednesday, October 20th from 8:15-9:15am in the Sampson Cafeteria. Come join us and meet the new board and committee heads.

The meet & greet will be followed by a Committee Head Training, including Grade Level Committee, from 9:15-10:00am.

Committee head training highlights:

1. Access to MTK
2. How to find who volunteered for my committee?
3. How to create a sign up for my committee
4. How to send an email to my volunteers
5. How to access SYNC and my committee folder

Jr Achievement Reminder

JA is offering online training via Zoom on Wednesday, October 13th, at three different times (9:30am, noon, 5pm) during the day. Each training session is one hour with an additional 30 minutes to answer any questions. Once you are trained, your certification is good indefinitely! Volunteers may be parents, guardians or grandparents. Please register through the CYFair Raptor Volunteer Portal.

Register by October 11th!

** There will also be future online and in-person training in December if you can't make it this month!

Contact Vanesa Arce-Long at 956-465-9257 with any questions or comments.


We need volunteers to help keep our beds tidy each month. Please be on the lookout for a signup!

Sampson Clinic Needs You!

Nurse Alms needs afternoon volunteers for the month of October. Afternoon shift is from 12:00 - 3:00pm.

Typical volunteer duties include: checking in students, completing paperwork, assisting Nurse Alms with clinic tasks, checking clothing and supply inventory, etc.

If you are able to assist in the afternoons during the month of October, please send an email to Lauren Satterfield: with the days you are available.

Thank you for your support!

SRC - 1st Grade and Kinder!

1st grade parents...there’s a training coming up Friday October 15 on Eggs and Nests! Presentation date scheduled for October 20th. Both are coming up quick! We would love to have you train and help give your child’s class a presentation on this awesome topic! Contact Lauren Barber at

Kinder Science Lovers!! We need help filling a few spots for SRC Guniea Pig trainings!! The opportunity to train is Nov 5th. Presentation date tentatively scheduled for December 7th. Contact Laura King at

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