Classroom Assessment

More than just a quiz!

What are Classroom Assessments?

The Classroom Assessment tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. As part of your quantifiable assessment procedures, you can use Classroom Assessments to help evaluate users' learning progress and learning outcomes. Create and manage quiz questions from the Question Library or the Classroom Assessments tool, and organize quizzes into categories to make it easier to find assessments with similar or related content. Use the quiz preview option to test the accuracy of content and grading before you release a quiz. In a preview, you can answer the questions, view allowed hints, submit the quiz, auto-grade answers, read feedback, and view report results.

-D2L Resource Center

How Can I Use Classroom Assessments?

Teachers use Classroom Assessments to:

  • Provide practice questions before a Common Assessment, SPG or DA.
  • Gather data about student learning.
  • Drive student learning.

Let's Take A Look

Practice before a Common Assessment

In this example, math teachers created a five question quiz to allow students to practice before their Common Assessment. Using the data from the results, teachers can pinpoint the content they need to revisit. This teacher limited the quiz to one question per page, or per screen.
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Gathering Data

Using the reports feature of Classroom Assessments, teachers can review an item analysis to check for understanding and possible misunderstandings.
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Driving Student Learning

Classroom Assessments