what is your injustice?

my injustice is is where people are starving because they cannot afford food.this usually happens to single parents that are struggling to support there family.

what does your injustice affect?

my injustice affects all the people in the world.moms,dads, even kids! it affects them because they cannot afford food.

why should there be a monument or memorial created for this injustice?

I think we should create a memorial so that the homeless people can go there and get some food.we could have it once a month. people would go to a certain place and we would have a bunch of food laying out so that people can actually have some food that day. hopefully it will help them to live another day.

where would this memorial be placed?

I would place it in downtown ft worth. I would place it there because that's where there is a bigger population. so more people would be able to attend the memorial.

what is your hope and purpose for this memorial?

My hope is that people will be able to live another day because of us.i want them to be able to come and take as much food as they want. I want them to be able to stay their all day and fill up on food so that they will not get as hungry for the next few days.i also want to donate to each of them $25 so that they can buy food when they get hungry.hopefully that will hep them.