Ancient Greece

By:Ariana Svoboda


The Athens during golden age in the 5th century B.C. English poet John Milton called athens. Many other city-states existed on the rocky and mountainous. These city-states planted greek colonies in Asia minor.“the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence.” hope you like the rest enjoy.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

  • They entered the peninsula from the north, one small group after another.The story of Ancient Greece began between 1900 and 1600 B.C. Greeks or hellen simple nomadic herdsmen. The Dorians came perhaps three or four centuries later and subjugated their Achaean kinsmen. They spoke Indo-European spaking.

Life of the early wanders

Little is known as earliest stages of Greek settlement. The people who lived there had cities and palaces. Greek city-states with more then 20,000 citizens. These epics depict the simple, warlike life of the early Greeks. In the spring they stopped long enough to plant and harvest a single crop.

The Greek City-States and Their Colonies

Athens was probably the only Greek city-state with more than 20,000 citizens. Each was also a self-governing community capable of maintaining its independence by enlisting its men as soldiers. In historical times the Greek city-states were again able to combine when the power of Persia threatened them. On these rocks the Greek cities built their temples and their king’s palace, and their houses clustered about the base. Similar city-states were found all over the Greek world, which had early flung its outposts throughout the Aegean Basin and even beyond.

Various Types of Government

The government of many city-states, notably Athens, passed through four stages from the time of Homer to historical times. During the 8th and 7th centuries BC the kings disappeared. Monarchy gave way to oligarchy—that is, rule by a few. The third type of government was known as tyranny. By the beginning of the 5th century bc, Athens had gone through these stages and emerged as the first democracy in the history of the world. About 621 bc an important step in the direction of democracy was taken, when the first written laws in Greece were compiled from the existing traditional laws.

Athens rise to power


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