DON't be a litter monster!

May 2015

Dear Parents,

This week we are wrapping up with our RRR study unit! This doesn't mean because our unit is over, that we wont be taking care of our planet earth, and turn into litter monsters! Taking care of the earth, and RRR is something we can do everyday, not just on earth day, its something ongoing. Small changes make the difference!

We will start our ROCK unit. This month just started and there is so many things ahead of us! Usually May is the month where everything crunches up as there are so many things happening. Like our ART show on May 22, 2015, and also we are getting ready for our End of the year show which will be on June 10, 2015! So mark your calendars! More information will go out soon.

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Poem of the WEEK!

The Litter Monster

I'm a careless fellow and this is what I do.
I make a mess and won't clean up, I leave that up to you!
I throw my garbage in the street. I will not keep my classroom neat.
I drop my wrappers on the floor. I pitch my tissues out the door.
But I am so very sad you see, because no one will play with me.
They call me the "Litter Monster"' how can that be?
Oh, please, my friend, won't you help me?

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