This Week in Room 120

Week of April 8, 2013

Reader's Workshop

We are using the following principle for our learning for the entire week:

Readers respond to books in a variety of ways to help deepen their understandings of what they are reading.

We will be learning to respond in these ways

Monday - choose one quotation from the book and respond to how it makes you feel.

Tuesday - write a diary entry as a main character. This entry should discuss the impact of the other characters, the setting, and the plot on you, the main character.

Wednesday - rewrite a small section of the book to create a reader's theater (play) piece. The students will have to take the perspective of the characters. They will need to express the necessary feelings and motivations of the characters.

Thursday - write a letter to the author. These responses may include opinions, questions, personal responses, personal connections, and/or critiques. This will require the students to think analytically about the text they have read,

Friday - write a poem about the book. The students will be writing a poem that is a response to a text that they have read. It may focus on one or more aspects of the text: character, plot, and/or setting.

Writer's Workshop

The students have been hard at work on writing their diaries from the perspective of an endangered animal. This week they will be drafting their first drafts. While drafting, the students will be checking to be sure that they are including the most important information that they have accumulated while researching their animals. The students will also be revising their drafts to be certain that the "voice" of their character is coming across to the readers. The students will finish up the week with peer-editing of their drafts.

Word Study

This week we will be studying words that all contain the base word "direct". The students have been looking at how prefixes and suffixes change a word as they are added on and taken off. They are also seeing how the base word changes in definition as the prefixes and suffixes are manipulated. Some of the words that will be analyzed this week: directive, misdirected, indirection, unidirectional, omnidirectional, directionlessness.


This week the 8:00 math group will be learning about exponents, square roots, and prime factorization. We will also be continuing to practice the Order of Operations. We use PEMDAS as our acronym to follow in solving math equations: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction.

This week the 9:00 math group will continue to practice division with a two-digit number in the divisor. They are solving problems such as 1338 / 15. They are doing a great job on this skill! We will be learning how to divide with decimal numbers in the divisor. They will be solving problems such as 2.064 / 0.24.


Please be sure to send back the photo packets that were sent home last week. You can keep and purchase the photos that you would like. The payment and remaining photos should be returned to school. Thanks!

We are in need of more Clorox wipes. If you are able to donate a container, our messy desks would really appreciate it!

Students should be reading each night for a minimum of 20 minutes!

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