DBQ Online Teacher Support

2021-2022 School Year

Welcome back educators!

Depending on your experience with DBQ Project, we have a variety of professional development options to support your DBQ implementation. Below are four options for both supervisors and teachers. The options vary in length and depth. Choose one or all. Happy DBQ'ing!

Getting Started with DBQ Online Webinar

We want to help make DBQ Online the perfect tool for your classroom! This webinar, which lasts about 45 minutes, will take you through everything you need to know to get started with DBQ Online. (setting up classes, creating assignments, giving student feedback, etc.)

DBQ Online Quick Start Guides

Short on time? Use these quick start guides to set up your assignments and to help your students learn how to navigate DBQ Online.

DBQ "Live" Workshop

Our virtual workshops help teachers become comfortable teaching The DBQ Project Method using DBQ Online. An emphasis is placed on close-reading and argument-writing strategies.

Self-Paced Professional Development

Are you an educator or supervisor ready to deep dive into DBQ Project but would like to work at your own pace? Our self-paced courses aims to familiarize teachers with The DBQ Project Method and how to make the process engaging and powerful for students. Participants will receive a certificate of completion when they finish this 5 to 6 hour course. Don't worry, you'll have 30 days to complete the course work.

Questions? Contact Imali Kent imali@dbqproject.com

The DBQ Project

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