coronary artery disease

Nichole Alejandri

coronary artery disease

very common disease in the hearts major blood vessels. result of plaque build up in your arteries, blocks blood flow and heightens the risk of heart attack and stroke.


shortness of breath, faster heart beat, weakness or dizziness, palpitations, (irregular heart beats; skipped beats) nausea and sweating


doctors diagnose this disease with a physical exam, echo-cardiogram, electrocardiogram, heart ct scan and a number of blood tests.
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treatment methods:

life style changes, medications, undergoing minimally invasive heart surgery, coronary bypass surgical procedures.
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15.5 million patients in the u.s. have coronary artery disease.

the prognosis is better for the patient when the diagnosis is made early and is treated. some people can stay healthy by changing their diet, stop smoking and taking their medications as prescribed.

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