Milton Hershey

By Christian Samuel


Milton was born September 13,1857 in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. His parents were Veronica and Henry Hershey. He had a sister named Sernia who died at age 4. Milton dropped out of school at age 13. At age 14 he apprenticed in confection, borrowed 150 dollars from his aunt and started a candy shop.After Milton worked for 5 years he went back to Denver and started to make caramel in that time he went to a chocolate convention and became in love. He sold his caramel company for 1 million dollars and made a giant factory. It was a huge success. Milton died October 13, 1945 and his company continues to grow as they are worth 22.3 billion dollars. His net worth is 2.7 billion.

Fun Facts

1. Milton and his wife were going to ride the titanic but his wife got sick and they cancelled

2. Milton was the first person to buy a automobile in Lancaster which cost 2,000 dollars

3. Milton's mansion is now hersheys headquarters


Milton did a lot of philanthropy. One of the things he did was give 20,000 dollars to each of the five church and built a homeless shelter for boys in his hometown.