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August 13, 2023

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Hello Conroe Tiger Families

Thank you for a great start to our school year! It was exciting to see all of our students in the building connecting with our staff and each other. We appreciate your patience the first few days as every one becomes adjusted to their new routines. Our staff is excited to work with you and your students this school year! Here are some updates and reminders:

Extracurricular Activities - We are so excited to gear up for the season of supporting our Conroe Tigers! If your child begins to struggle with truancy, tardies and/or behavior they may be at risk of not being able to attend extracurricular activities!

Campus Deliveries - We only allow deliveries from parents or family members who are on your child’s records. Food deliveries from food delivery companies such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. are not allowed. Please be sure to communicate this to your child and know if food gets delivered they will be able to pick it up at the end of the school day.

Dress-Code - Please remind your student that dress code will be enforced. We saw a lot of shirts out of dress code last week. Shirts must be long enough to cover midriff.

Vapes in Schools - Texas House Bill 114 now mandates any student in possession of an e-cigarette/vape will be assigned mandatory DAEP placement. DAEP is the District Alternative Education Place campus. Students may be assigned DAEP from 5 days or longer. Please talk with your students about choices and consequences of this magnitude.

Attendance Matters - It is important that your child is in class each day unless they are ill. In the event your child does miss school, please be sure to email our attendance office. Also, please remind your child to get with their teacher about any work they missed.

CHS Main Attendance:

CHS9 Attendance:

Student IDs-SMART Tag - All returning students grades 10-12 are required to wear their ID while on campus. For grades 10-12, if your student has misplaced their ID from last year, over the summer, it will be replaced. All students new to Conroe High School will receive their initial ID and do not need to bring their ID from their previous campus. Our goal is to have ID’s for all of our students by Monday, August 21st.

Child Nutrition Information - Please visit the CISD Child Nutrition Website regarding free and reduced meals or the application. Remember lunches are no longer free to all students. You must fill out the application to be considered for eligibility. It must be filled out each year. If you are unsure of your child's status please see our contact information below or reach out to our CHS Cafeteria Manager:

Verification of Student Registration - If you have not already done so, please complete the Verification of Student Registration as soon as possible. The process will update email addresses and phone numbers. If you have not received the email with the subject: Conroe Independent School District Verification of Student Registration Directions please check your junk/spam folder. If it is not there, send an email to (10-12 grade) and (9th grade) If you have already sent and email, we appreciate your patience. We are working through getting the information sent. If there is NO EMAIL ADDRESS on file with the district, letters were mailed to the address on file.

Student Transportation - If your child will be riding the bus it is extremely important that you register for transportation. Please visit : If your child will be utilizing the Late Bus any time this year, you must Register:

PTO - Please plan to join our PTO and be sure to follow them on Facebook!

PTO Membership

Follow Conroe High School PTO on Facebook

The Paw Print Online - The store is now up and running: Paw Print Online Store

Here is how it works:

Orders will be taken until the countdown clock on top ends. Then all orders placed during that open window will be made and delivered to us. We will contact you with a location and times you can pick up your order once the window is closed.

Items will continually be added to the online store including a hoodie soon & several shirts have multiple color options. We will have more merchandise plus some of the online items available to purchase in person at the Kiosk starting at the end of next week.

Be sure to get a Color War shirt to purchase with our Google Form and pay through School Cash Online. Orders close next Wed. Aug 16th so they will be here in time for homecoming week. Color War Shirt Order Form

Parent Information Nights - We will be hosting Parent Information Nights for each Cohort. For Class of 2025, 2026 and 2027, you will have the opportunity to meet some of your child’s teachers. More details to come but please save the dates and plan to attend.

Class of 2024 - Monday, Aug 21, 2023

Class of 2025 - Monday, Sep 11, 2023

Class of 2026 - Monday, Sep 18, 2023

Class of 2027 - Monday, Aug 28, 2023

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Conroe High School: 936-709-5700 or

Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus: 936-709-4000 or

Thank you for your continued support!


Sic ‘em Tigers,

Tasha Smith

Principal, Conroe High School

Kevin Meyer

Principal, Conroe High School 9th Grade Campus

MISSION - Conroe High School is a safe and supportive environment that promotes diverse programs with rigorous expectations by instilling Tiger PRIDE!

VISION - All Tigers Achieve

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CHS School Calendar and Other Events

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Conroe High School PTO

Also, please join our CHS PTO!!! Joining is easy, please click the link below to join! To stay current on all things PTO, please join the CHS PTO Facebook Group. If you have any questions, please contact our PTO President Sara Ullrich:

CHS PTO Membership

CHS PTO Facebook Group

Important Information For Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Car Riders - Parents that will be dropping off their students, DO NOT drop your student off on Hwy 105! You can either drop off in the Preferred car rider line at Wilson Road and Longmire or in the front of the building. Please plan for delays with the car rider line. Our front doors will open at 6:45 and First Period begins at 7:15.

Parking Passes - Parking passes are only available for Juniors and Seniors who are eligible. If your child is driving to school please be sure they take care of everything they need to in order to purchase a parking pass. Students will need to park in their assigned parking spot!

Important Information For Freshmen

CHS9 Car Riders:

If you bring your student to school by vehicle, then please remember that the traffic loop in front of the Ninth Grade Campus contains two lanes. Vehicles can utilize the inside lane (left lane) to help alleviate traffic. When our duty personnel see students getting out of the vehicle from the left lane, we will stop traffic in the right lane allowing your student to cross safely. Please remind your student to check traffic before getting out of the vehicle. Parents, please continue to drive slowly and safely in the student drop-off area. We appreciate your attention to safety and patience every day.

Ninth Grade Students with Classes at CHS-Main:

My first block class is at CHS-Main, what do I do?

If you are a freshman and your FIRST and/or SECOND period class is at CHS Main, you are to report to the Main campus in the morning. If you have questions about your bus route from home to the Main Campus, then please contact CISD transportation at 936-709-7940 or CHS9 at 936-709-4000. You will ride a shuttle bus from Main to CHS9 at the end of FIRST period.

My last block class is at CHS-Main, what do I do?

If you are a freshman and your SEVENTH and/or EIGTH period class is at CHS Main, then you will ride a shuttle bus to Main at the end of fifth/sixth period. Your day will end at Main campus. You will need to go home from the Main campus by car or by bus. If you have questions about your bus route from the Main campus to home, then please contact CISD transportation at 936-709-7940 or CHS9 at 936-709-4000.


Be sure to visit our Paw Print Online Store!
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