2nd Grade Newsletter

Tom Wilson Elementary

What we are learning about....

Reading- We are learning how to visualize by reading using schema, inference, and prediction.

Writing- In Writer's Workshop we are writing and discovering small moments stories by magnifying moments, using our senses, and writing powerful endings.

Math- In Math we are decomposing numbers using different strategies such as part part whole, base ten blocks, etc, as well as adding on 10 more, taking 10 away, adding on 100 more, and taking 100 away from numbers up to 120 ; Fact Fluency -1/-2.

Science- In Science we are understanding the importance of going to the doctor while sick as well as checkups, identifying diseases such as allergies, and reasons why we get immunizations; we are also understanding how to make healthy decisions to live a healthy life.

Social Studies- In Social Studies we are understanding parts of a map, including creating and labeling a compass rose with cardinal directions, why we need maps, and how to use them.

Assessments that will take place at the end of this week:

Sight Word Assessment

Word Study Assessment

Math Test covering place value skills- Please see review sheet posted to Edmodo


Dates to remember:

Time to Smile!!!

Picture Day is Tuesday September 23rd! Be sure to send in the form and money to your child's teacher.

Digital Footprint Day- September 24, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 is Crazy Sock Day at TWE and all of Katy ISD to promote a positive online footprint! If your student wears Crazy Socks they will get to have a "Stinky Feet" pass for the day!

What is a digital footprint? A digital footprint is "a trail left by interactions in a digital environment including the use of TV, mobile phone, the internet and other devices and sensors.”

Thanks for helping us promote this with our students!

2nd Grade Reminders.....

*Please be sure that if you send in a birthday treat with your child that you provide napkins as well as have it pre-cut as needed, such as a cookie cake. Thank you in advance for allowing your child to celebrate at school with us!

*Our lunch time is 11:45-12:15. Your child enjoys you joining them at lunch, however please try and arrive as close to 11:45 as possible. This will ensure that your child will have plenty of time to eat and enjoy your company. Many of the local fast food restaurants have lengthy lines around our lunch time, so please try to plan ahead with that in mind. If you have not arrived by 11:55, we will have your child go through the cafe line to ensure that they are able to eat during our allotted time.

*We enjoyed our guest readers this week! Thank you for coming and reading to our classes. You chose some exciting books to read to our classes. Feel free to visit the library prior to coming to our classrooms to choose your books that you would like to share. If you have not signed up to be a mystery reader yet, please login to the TWE PTA website and sign up soon! We would love to have you!