Tech Tips of the Week

Google Guru Edition #proudtobeajet #mcslearn

Modeling Google for Your Students

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STOP telling your students “If you don’t remember _______, go home and google it” or “If you need more practice with ____________, just google it, there are lots of resources for you”.

#1: Googling in class.

  • Pull up the Google search engine on your projector and google the question in front of the students. Students will see what you type into google. Then ask students which link to click to find their answer. Not only will your students learn the answer to their question, they also learn how to find answers to their questions on their own.

#2: The words you google matter

  • On the bottom of all Homework Assignments during the first month of school
    include a sentence like “If you want to know more about this topic google “Quadratic Equations writing vertex form”.

#3: Google IMAGES & VIDEOS

  • Model for students how to click an image and then click on the webpage that that image comes from. You will be amazed how useful this is to some students.
  • Don’t assume your students know how to find videos to watch to relearn material they may have forgotten.

#4: Googling is a great thing to use on day 1 of any unit.

  • Starting new units with a 10-15 minute activity that utilizes google. It is a great formative assessment and often ‘reteaches’ students previous learning faster.

#5: Googling new material.

  • When you allow your students to research new topics on their own, they learn quicker and owned their learning.

#6: Search Engines and Phones

  • If we want students to extend their learning experiences outside of our classrooms then we need to give them experiences in class using the tool they are most likely to use outside of school – their phones.

Read more from this article HERE.

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JCHS Library Mystery Links-Where will YOU go TODAY?!

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The JCHS Library has started posting Mystery Links that can change hourly, daily, or weekly. The link today takes you to Salvador Dalí's Long Lost Collaboration With Walt Disney.

If you have a cool link you think would be fun to share through our Mystery Link program please send them our way!

You Are Not Alone

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The JCHS Library is ready and able to assist with the migration to using Google.

We offer one on one, small group and co teaching (to help your kids learn the new system) opportunities for this and all technology related interests.

We can come to your classroom or the Harvard Room can be reserved.

To book a time with the JCHS Library just follow these steps in the Lab & Resource Scheduler:

  • Schedule ME (NRobertson-under Library tab)
  • Schedule a laptop/Chromebook cart
  • Schedule Harvard Room (optional)

Be sure to email me as there is not a notifications feature from the Lab & Resource Scheduler when someone "reserves" me. : )