It's Time to Showcase our K-12 Art!

TAEA's exhibit at the TASA/TASB convention, Sept. 28-30th!

What is TASA/TASB?

The Texas Art Education Association participates annually in the Texas Area Supervisors Association/Texas Association of School Boards convention. This is the second year that it is held in Austin. Next year, it will take place in Dallas. This convention is held to spotlight best practices, new ideas in education and celebrate education in the Lone Star State. Supervisors and school board members see the exhibits and attend workshops to benefit their respective school districts across the state.

Why does TAEA participate?

We are there to spotlight art education in Texas! We demonstrate best practices through the art exhibit from districts across the state. We share our knowledge with board members and supervisors at our booth. We advocate for art education for every learner at every level. We advocate for you!

Make sure your district is represented!

Access the TASA/TASB Guidelines and Registration form here on page 13 & 14:

TAEA YAM Booklet 2012

The new 2012-13 Youth Art Month Booklet will be posted soon!

Extended deadline to register is September 15th!

Submit your students' work!

Please contact me if you have any questions about submitting work.

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Samantha Melvin, TAEA Youth Art Month VP