Benbrook MHS

Technology Information

How to Change Your Password

*You must be on the Fort Worth ISD Network to change your password.

Simultaneously click the CTRL+ALT+DELETE buttons on your keyboard and select change

password on the screen.

Guidelines for Password Requirements

· User cannot create passwords identical to the previous three (3) passwords

· Password must be a minimum length of eight (8) characters

· Password must have one uppercase character (A through Z)

· Password must have one lowercase character (a through z)

· Password must have one number (0 through 9)

· Password must have at least one non-alphanumeric character (ex: !, $, #, %)

· Do not use your username as your password

Laptop Orientation Video

Lost/Stolen Student Laptops

If your laptop is lost/stolen, pick up the Lost\Stolen form from the main office in building A. Follow the step by step instructions on the form. The student has 10 days from the last time the student logged into the device to report it as lost/stolen. Failure to do so within the 10 day period could result in the student having to pay $616.75.

The Computer Lady

My name is Ms. Levine and I am the Technology Learning Coach for Benbrook MHS and Southwest HS. I am on campus Tuesday's and Thursday's. Student laptops are distributed before school and during lunch. When I am not on campus and you need assistance, email me at Please include your name, your campus, and the issue you are having. Thank you!