My Summer Plans

By: Ethan Meyer


Over the Summer I will be taking up all of the yard work at my house. We really only have a two acre backyard to mow and it sounds easy but we have trees all around everywhere that I have to mow around on top of a swing-set too. Then the ditches are too deep for the rider so I'm going to have to push mow those and they take a running start to force the mower up them.

Summer Weights

Since I am going to be doing Freshman Football; everyday at 7 a.m. I'm going to be up at Northwest High School Lifting Weights. That is going to take up nearly every Monday through Thursday in the Summer.

Drivers Ed

Really the only reason I'm taking Drivers Ed is for the insurance benefit from it. I've picked up driving fairly well except I tend to drift to the right side of the road a lot.


I don't know where or when yet but I know my parents are going to drag me along camping somewhere. My favorite camp ground I've been to so far was Snowy Range Wyoming mostly because the mountain hiking scenery was stunning.

Northwest Cedar Hollow

Being the only 8th Grader from Cedar Hollow heading into Northwest Drum-line I'm going to have to go to tryouts near the end of this month and then to band camp around the beginning of August. Yes, that is the Cedar Hollow and Northwest Band Leader ->

Washington D.C. Trip

Around the first couple weeks that school's out other people in this class and I will be traveling to Washington D.C.