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Nov 8, 2019

Why Common Assessments? (Part 2 of 3)

This is from, "The Power of Common Formative Assessments" By Kim Bailey. She explains the power of CFAs by using 7 steps. Here are steps 3-5.

3. They use a protocol to examine the results.

Rather than looking merely looking at percentages or averages and moving on, collaborative teams look at their common formative assessment data using a protocol. An effective analysis of results includes identifying specific learning targets that students learned, didn’t learn, or excelled in. Teams also determine the instructional strategies that led to high levels of learning, including any significant differences in results across the team. Most importantly, members identify the students who need additional time and support, and co-plan the interventions they will provide to improve their learning.

4. They take action to impact their learners.

Effective collaborative teams weave the use of common formative assessments into an ongoing cycle of improvement that employs the Plan, Do, Study, Act sequence. Following this cycle, the team can monitor and support each students’ attainment of the learning targets while the teaching is still happening rather than waiting until the end of unit assessment. The results are used in a timely fashion to co-plan interventions for those students who need more time and support.

5. They willingly adjust their instructional strategies.

Inherent in the common formative assessment process is the notion that members of the team are trying to improve their collective practice so their students learn more. There’s a willingness to hold up the proverbial mirror and recognize that some methods are more effective than others. Their teaching styles may differ, but they use evidence of learning and non-learning to make better instructional decisions.

I Love Kim Bailey! ♥ She's a master teacher of the CFA and the data driven learning cycle!

♥ Audrey

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