Atlantic Hurricane Season

By: Hyunjee Lee

El Niño, Bermuda High, and Water Temperature

To have a better understanding of hurricanes and because of this being counted as a grade, I have made this smore. What I know is that hurricanes use warm and moist air as their fuel and are formed as air rises up and away from the ocean surface. In this manner, they create a low pressure systems (symbolized with a blue line with semi-circles on the weather map) underneath. This smore will teach you about how the "El Niño, the Bermuda High, and the Water Temperature" affect hurricane development in the United States as well as other parts of our world.

El Niño

What is it?

The El Niño is an oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical and equalateral pacific. It also affects weather around the globe.

How does it affect hurricanes?

The  El Niño creates special winds that disturbs and interrupts the formation of a hurricane. Often times it is a great "shield" to mankind.

El Niño Sources

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Just for fun: La Niña

Bermuda High

What is it?

The Bermuda High is a semi-permanent and subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has different names depending on the season. It is also known as the "azores high".

How does it affect hurricanes?

THe Bermuda High helps to determine how much damage a hurricane will bring and its atmosphereic currents will either steer the intense storms into the mainland or curve them safely out to sea. The hurricane can not pass through a Bermuda High, they can only go around it. THe Bermuda High is like a hindrance that steers a hurricane.

Bermuda High Sources

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Water Temperature

What is it?

Water Temperature expresses how hot or cold the water is and is measured by a thermometer.

How does it affect hurricanes?

When the water becomes warm, the water becomes fuel an energy for the hurricane making it stronger as well as bigger in size. When the water temperature reaches 82 degrees Farenheit, a hurricane is formed.

Water Temperature Sources

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