"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,"

Basic Facts

-Born on January 17, 1706

-Died on April 17, 1790

-Famous for all of his inventions as well as discovering the lightning rod

-He had 3 children: William, Francis, and Sarah.

Ben Franklin's Coming-Of-Age

Hey, This House is a Little Crowded!

Thesis: Ben was kind of an underdog.

Body: "His father, Josiah, was a poor soap- and candlemaker. His mother, Abiah, was Josiah's second wife. Benjamin was the youngest son and the 15th of 17 children." one group says. (Compton's by Britannica). Looking at 3-year-old Ben, you probably wouldn't say,"He's going to be famous!" You might say that looking at 3-year-old Mozart, but not 3-year-old Ben Franklin. He was 15th out of 17 in a poor family. That does not read "famous,". But Ben ended up on the 100-dollar bill. If that isn't famous, I don't know what is!

Closing statement: Ben went from a small fraction of a poor family (if the whole family split their money, he wouldn't have much at all) to being worth a hundred bucks! Good job Ben!

Silence Dogood...I Could Probably Think Of a Better Name.

Thesis: This is what made Ben the creative man he was.

Body: Ben worked for his older brother James's printing company. He wrote something for it...except he went other the name Silence Dogood and slipped the entries in the printing shop's door at night. James published them in the newspaper (still with no idea who Silence Dogood was) and it ended with people thinking it was rude- which resulted in the company being closed. "James (Ben's brother) also unwittingly published Franklin's earliest essays, which he wrote under the [nickname] Silence Dogood and secretly slipped beneath the office door." one group says. (DISCovering Authors)

Restatement: So, now that you've heard the story, don't you agree? This is the first creative thing Ben's ever done, so it started a creative streak! Well played, Ben.

Without Ben Franklin's Coming-Of-Age...

He wouldn't be as creative, which would lead to...

-No Lightning Rods (Oh NO! LIghtning is cool!)

-No Bifocals (What's a bifocal?)

-No Glass Harmonicas ( Does anyone even USE those anymore?)

-No Franklin Stoves (Is there a difference between a Franklin stove and a regular stove?)

Most of it had to do with his relationship with James, and how he tricked James into believing that Silence Dogood was some person he didn't know.