Quincee McCord

Softball Player

Playing Softball

When I was six I started playing softball, I am now thirteen. Softball is my favorite sport. My dad plays mens softball,so that encourages me to play because when I see him play I want to be like him and try my best and to never give up. I have many friends that play on the same team as me. I plan to play softball when I get into high school.


My family is everything to me. When I was six months old my dad Troy passed away of a heart attack. When I was eighteen months old my mom had met a someone named Dave. My mom and Dave got married and I was proud to call him my dad. In 2007 my mom and dad had my brother,they named him Harrison. My brother and I might not always get along but he's still my brother.


My friends are like my family. I have many friends, Riley Harris is one of my closest friends. We have known each other for a long time. Kenadee Dillon is also a close friend, I have known Kenadee for as long as i have known Riley. Bailey Hicks and I go way back, we were only born 20 days apart. Her mom and my mom are close friends. Ashtyn Montgomery and I have known each other since last year. We have gotten really close since then and i hope that stays the same. I will always love my friends. My other close friends are Carrie Kallaus, Olivia Holman, Gen Henly, Izzi Hill, and Katie Gall