The Outsiders

Reading Project

Event #1

We meet the Greasers
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Event #3

We meet the Socs
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Event #3

Ponyboy gets jumped by the Socs

Event #4

Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally meet Soc girls, Cherry and Marcia, at the movies. Later, Two-bit also meets them.

Event #5

Ponyboy was out passed his curfew and when he returns home late at night Darry hits him, and Ponyboy's first though was to get out of the house so he runs out of the house. He wakes up Johnny from where they had fallen asleep and fled far until someone shows up...

Event #6

Ponyboy and Johnny goes to the vacant lot and then the see them Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny get into trouble with the Socs. One of the Socs who had beaten up Johnny in the beginning of the book (Bob) was drowning Ponyboy, in a fountain. Johnny pulls out his switch blade and stabs Bob (Soc) and kills him.
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Event #7

After Johnny killed Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny stop at Dally's place so Dally can help them get away. They end up staying at a abandoned church. Later that morning Johnny comes back with a bag of groceries. One of the things Johnny pulls out was bleach. This bleach was eventually used to die their hair a different color so know body could recognize them. Below are some more things that Johnny had picked up at the store.

Event #8

Later after going out to Lunch with Dally they return to the church and see the church on fire. There were kids on a trip with the school and some of the kids were inside the burning church. Ponyboy had ran into the church and followed him was Johnny. Dally was outside helping to get the children out. While in this process Dally had knocked Ponyboy out with a big 4x4 plank of some type of wood because Ponyboy was on fire. Johnny although had been hit from a big piece of wood that had fallen and was rushed to the hospital.

Event #9

The rumble happens. At the end the rumble takes place and the greasers win. After the rumble Darry and Ponyboy go to the hospital and Johnny dies right in front of them. The last thing Johnny says to Ponyboy in the emergency room was,"Stay Gold".
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The Outsiders - The Rumble

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