DMS Bands Weekly Newsletter

March 22nd - 26th

Coffee is IN! Who can help us sort? -- Email us! We want to sort orders on Thursday after school.

In this Newsletter:

  • ACAP Testing Schedule
  • Solo & Ensemble Information
  • Coffee order has been placed! THANK YOU!
  • Virtual Students: In-Person, After School Rehearsal Update
  • 8th Grade Band Students: What do I need to sign up for to be in High School Band?
  • "Join Band!" video! Send to all the 5th graders you know, too!
  • Agendas
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ACAP Testing Schedule

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Reminders for ACAP Testing:

  1. Bring your computer! CHARGED! (Bring charger with you!)
  2. No check ins/check outs during B block/testing block
  3. Get enough sleep and breakfast!

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April 24th at Bob Jones HS!

This is not required, but is a GREAT chance for students to prepare something on their own, including solos, duets and trios with their friends - and perform it (socially distant and safely) for a judge! Students can earn medals based on their ratings and wear those medals at our next concert!

Included in this event:

  • Solos
  • Duets
  • Trios

Students need to fill out the google form below to register! No cost this year!

Students also will need permission from directors for all pieces of music being performed as there are parameters that no pop music is played, no full concert band music is played, etc.

Students in beginner, concert AND symphonic bands are all eligible to participate.

Ms. Patriquin and Mrs. Merritt are happy to help you pick out a solo or duet to prepare, etc. There are links to music in your weekly agendas!!



Event Details:


All students in beginner, concert and/or symphonic bands are all eligible to participate in solo and ensemble. Students must fill out the google form by March 31!!


Prepare your own music independently and perform it for a judge so you can earn a medal for a superior performance and receive professional comments and critiques. Music must be approved by a director.



Does this event cost money?

Not this year.

From the district:

How are we making this event safe for you, your students, and our judges?

COVID Protocols at Solo and Ensemble

  • Temperature checks for everyone entering.
  • Everyone must wear a mask unless you are performing.
  • Band Directors must be present to monitor your own students including mask wearing and social distancing.
  • Chairs and stands disinfected between each performance
  • Spreading out performance times to 8 minutes to allow for less hallway traffic and time to disinfect between performers.
  • Spreading out performance rooms across the school and using larger rooms to the extent possible.
  • Judges placed at a distance (minimum 6 feet although most rooms much more than this) from students. Desk shields may also be used.
  • All students from one school scheduled in the same time frame and areas of the school to the extent possible.
  • Parents and family to remain in cars or outside the building. Any non-performers (except judges and directors) in the building will be confined to certain areas.
  • Once a student is done performing, they must leave the building. Score sheets will not be given out by any director at the event so that students do not hang around.
  • Bell covers and musicians' masks encouraged, but not required.
  • We are looking at the possibility having multiple warm up areas and assigned warm up times depending on registration numbers.
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Virtual Students: After-School Rehearsals

Thank you for all your interest emails! We definitely have enough interest to begin rehearsing after-school following Spring Break. Ms. Patriquin is looking into days of the week that would be best, but is leaning toward Mondays from 4-5 for Concert/Symphonic and Tuesdays 4-5 for Beginners.

Here are the Covid Protocols we will follow for these rehearsals:

  1. Students spread as far apart as possible (Over 10 feet per student bubble)
  2. Outdoor rehearsals on nice days
  3. Bell covers, Music Masks, and Flute shields provided
  4. Sanitize chairs before and after rehearsal
  5. Open doors for regular filtering of air flow

Have any pictures or videos of fun band memories?

Please upload them to the Shared Google Drive below! You will need to request permission. Once Granted, you will be able to upload files and share!
DMS Band Memories Shared Drive

Request Permission. Once Granted, you will be able to upload files and share!


Please follow the VIRTUAL Weekly Agenda, join our virtual WebEx sessions (via Virtual Agenda link), and do the work in the quarantine make-up folder on Schoology. If you see a playing test, you can send a video to us via email or make that up when you come back to school.

Check out this video from the BJHS Band -- SIGN UP FOR HS BAND!!

Please send this video to any and all 5th graders that you know!!!

Join Band - Madison City Schools

Your band directors love you!

We hope you had a GREAT spring break!

Weekly Agendas

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