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Silicon Valley, California 4-18-2035 $1

Sam's Cyber Scam

New York teen, Sam Wilson, involved in White House Security Breach.

Sam, a fourteen year old computer genius, was caught hacking into the White House computer system at 7:25 p.m. Monday night. Sam told reporters that he had acquired information about a secret convention happening in the White House from two people at the popular hacking convention NeoH@ck. However when asked who he had gotten the information from, Sam could not give the police an answer.

Sam is now being held at a Cyber Defense Division containment facility away from contact with his family and access to all technology.

Carolyn's Comments:

Dear Carolyn,

I really miss my little sister because of the danger I’m in. I feel like she will be mad at me if I do not visit her soon. However, I’m just trying to keep her safe. What should I do?


Desperate Sister

Desperate Sister,

It is clear that you are wanting to go visit her, so I say, go for it. I would wait a little bit longer until the current problem has subsided to eliminate the risk of danger. I don’t think she will be mad at you as long as you give an explanation of your past behavior.



Brain Jack: The Movie

Only a highly skilled individual would be able to crack the most secured network in America, the White House. It would take an expert, a genius, one might even say, a mastermind. Someone like Sam Wilson, a high performing teenage computer hacker. But Sam’s obsession will eventually lead him into a dangerous world. A world where logging onto your computer determines the difference between life or death. Straight from the book by Brian L. Falkner, go on the dangerous and risky adventure with Sam(Jesse Eisenberg), Dodge(Tom Hardy),Vienna(Scarlett Johansson), Ranger Tyler(James Marsden),Fargas(Seth Rogen), and John Jaggard(Mark Harmon).

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Made by: Sydney Fishback and Whytni Brice