Freshman Year

By Reynold Gudino


During the first weeks of school I was very interested in cars and I wanted to be a mechanic, but after a while, I changed my career and decided to become a photographer.

My experience as a freshmen at Joliet West high school was very exciting and I look forward to next year.

One class text with brief summary

Night is a true story about a boy named Elie Wiesel. He and his father are sent to a concentration camp where they live their lives working all day and all night with very little sleep. They struggle to survive the camp and suffer to see the Jewish people tortured by German soldiers.

What did you learn from this text?

I learn that all people should be respected no matter what they look like or what they believe in.


"After a long of waiting, the executioner put the rope round his neck. He was on point of motioning to his assistant to draw the chair away from the prisoners feet, when the latter cried, in a calm, strong voice: Long live liberty! A curse upon Germany! A curse...! A cur-"(Wiesel 69).

How did this impact the way you think?

It made me think differently of the people who don't do much at home, but work a lot of hours somewhere else.
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Goal 1

I can establish an argument encompassing all aspects of a given prompt. It will help me with writing argumentative papers in the future.

Goals 2

I can support an argument effectively with examples from a text. This will also help me with writing argumentative papers in the future.

1 essential question

What rights should all humans be guaranteed?

Text read in class and Evidence

In the story night, Elie and his father work in a concentration camp along with all of the Jewish people. They are punished daily because of their race.


I came forward

A box! he ordered

they brought him a box

Lie own on it! On your stomach!

I obeyed

Then i was aware of nothing but the strokes of the whip" (Wiesel 65).

One writing example (Oedipus Rex)

In the play Oedipus was very blind to the truth. (before)

In the play Oedipus Rex, Oedipus was blind to the truth both mentally and physically.(After)

I have made very good progress Because my second thesis was way better than the first one.


I have grown as an individual because in the beginning of the year I didn't really talk to much people and later on, I made some friends and found some old friends. My classes were okay they weren't anything special, I had some fun experiences in freshmen year like going to the movies with friends or going out to eat with the soccer team, I expect to do a lot better next year and not let my grades drop, I fear that I won't be able to reach that goal, and I hope I can reach that goal.


My goals will prepare me for English next year. I will be able to write argumentative papers very well and I might stop by to see some old teachers next year.
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