Timber Rattlesnake

Now you see them, now you don't

By: Ted


The Timber Rattlesnake is one of the best ambush predators of today, with a strike as fast as the blink of an eye, it a very strong and healthy breed, but they are under attack. We threaten their title of being on top in their own environment. We are destroying their homes for lumber and expanding our cities.

We might be able to save them, be we might also be just a little too late.

We need to save them, because they are already at the top of the food chain, so they don't have a high population by any means, so they are hard to find as is. But now we are threatening their way of life. We are taking away their homes, their food sources, and ruining the air they breath. As you'll see below, their range are decreasing.

All of these add up to something that strikes fear into all of us. What we fear, we kill.

Supporting Details

We need the Timber Rattlesnake, because they help keep the environment clean, and with out them, rodents and other small animals would have overrun the surroundings. They help control the animals in its area.

One of the reasons that they have low numbers is because of us. What we see as a threat, is normally something that won't want to attack us. The Timber Rattlesnake is one of those, they don't care that we are there, and when we get a little too close to them, they will start to rattle their tail, to warn us.

Solutions and Conclusion

We are expanding our cities outward. What we need to do is to improve what we have and move out as little as possible. It would save resources, clean the air of pollution, and help save not only the Timber Rattlesnake, but other endangered species.

Even though we know that when we go out into the woods, you enter their home, and if you say no, you are lying, because someones told you that, and it has always stayed in your mind somewhere, but we still go, and when we run into one, we will try and protect ourselves than to respect the animal in its home. We block the thoughts that say to respect these creatures by thoughts of fear.

What either need to not go into the woods, or start respecting them in their own home.

People wonder why we should save a creature that looks so mean or scary, but we need them not only because they help keep the woodlands in check, but we are losing so many species, that pretty soon we might not have animals on our earth. we will have to find a way to deal with that. I'm not sure about you, but I'm not ready for that kind of world.