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Dec 17-21, 2018

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from J-

Happy final week of first semester! Thanks for providing balance of fun, insistency, high expectations, and joy during this last week.

Keeping this in front or you - both Mike and I have the same expectations in providing feedback in a formal matter that your have with your teachers. While quality trumps quantity (in my opinion), there is power in regular feedback where a more complete picture of practice develops and trends begin to surface. To that end, in Tower, I have 52 entries finalized, and 38 in progress. Mike has 71 entries finalized, and 7 in progress. Please do two things: 1) Check to ensure you have responded - if you wish to - to any in progress from Mike/J in your tower, and 2) Check where are you are in providing quality and regular feedback for your staff.

Following up from Job Alike, we are searching for classroom space to host Early Childhood/ WonderYears programming until a new SW Early Childhood Center is complete after the bond passes. We are targeting the southwest area, (but would like to hear from you concerning any open classrooms). Please send me, via email, any potential classrooms you have (think about classrooms being used for instructional technologists, makerspace, specialty classrooms that don't overlap with other specialty spaces, etc) that can be used to this end.

Make it a wonderful week!


The voicemail cutover will happen the night of Thursday, December 20th. All voicemail boxes will need to be setup on Friday, December 21st. We are also creating new greetings and auto attendant settings as these cannot be migrated from the existing system. More information about these settings will be sent out next week as they are finalized based upon the feedback received.

What’s in a Report Card?

Depends on Who You Ask. New Report Shows That Parents and Teachers Have Very Different Understandings of Grades & Tests

Principal Calendar (current year)

As a follow-up to our brief discussion at Job Alike, there are three upcoming days in December that may serve as exchange days toward Explore: Dec 26, 27 and 28. Further, to meet your minimum number of regular/required work days, there is one other exchange day in March (3/14). All other days are regular contract days, including Wed, Jan 2. You can find the 2018-19 Ele Principal Calendar here.

If you are intending to work all/a portion of the first session of Explore 2019, please click here to report your exchange days.

What Works For Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading?

One thing we can do is make reading an easy choice to make.

from Mike-

Scope and Sequence

With our focus on discipline rates for particular subgroups of our student population it is important to note our overarching goals to keep kids in school. Part of our charge is to provide a safe environment and dispense consequences as needed. Our scope and sequence provides a guideline for these decisions, but ultimately you have the professional discretion to make common sense decisions that are in the best interest of the student.

As you come across incidents that involve our focus subgroups who are nearing the threshold for days out of school due to discipline, please contact me to discuss potential options that best meet the needs of that particular situation.

Explore Sites Announced

The much anticipated list of 2019 Explore sites has been finalized and can be found HERE. As you know, there are many factors that go into the selection of sites including required maintenance and location. Thank you to all of our host sites for your help in managing the challenges that come with this designation and partnering to ensure a great experience for our Explore students and staff.

from AAA


  • Power Hour! Trainings are now at Bentley Administrative Center, room 145, every Tuesday from 9:00 – 10:30 am. Please complete this Google Form to register.

Assessment Dates

· 11/26/18 – 12/20/18

o MOY i-Ready testing window

o Kindergarten Dyslexia screening window

§ 12/21/18 – Deadline for kindergarten dyslexia data entry into data portal

· 1/7/19 – 3/1/19

o ACCESS for ELL testing window


· 1/18/19

o AAA will be publishing another edition of the Climate & Culture scorecard. Keep an eye out for it in your APR folders in Google Drive.

· 2/1/19

o Final APR Public Release

o Academic Success & Graduate Outcomes scorecard


· 12/20/18

o To ensure data readiness, please make sure all extracurricular activities are in eSchool and students assigned by the end of the day Thursday, December 20th. If you are not seeing an activity that is needed, please submit an eSchool Help Ticket.

Have a Question?

  • eSchool Help Ticket – use this form to enter information regarding eSchool issues or concerns
  • – send your general comments or questions here about PowerBI, assessment or accountability

· SPS Data Request Form - place your data requests here and email with further questions

Sugar N' Spice

Besides our own food services for catering, we also use Sugar N’ Spice. Some of you asked for the contact information: