Constantinople should be your home!

Constantinople will be the best place for your family!

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The quality's of the beautiful city Constantinople.

The luxuries of Constantinople will blow your mind on how you view this city.

One of the luxuries are that it is a good trading place so you can get supplies from all over the world. Another great promise of this city is it is one of the richest and most elegant city in the Mediterranean region. Also Justinian 1 the emperor rebuilt the city, when he rebuilt this great city he made it better than ever. No worry on safety the city is surrounded by a huge wall and a big metal chain on the water so no one can get in or out without permission.

This is The Map of Constantinople.

It is surrounded by beautiful water and has many trading routes. This great city is a peninsula. So you can have a different variety of belongings.
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If you are one for religion than Constantinople is the place where you should be.

The religion is very important to the people of Constantinople. There is an Eastern Orthodox church and a Roman church. You can choose what church you want to go to.
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The daily life in Constantinople

The daily life in Constantinople is very interesting. There you will never be bored or have nothing to do. This city has bridges, public baths, parks, roads, and hospitals. Any of these new projects you can work on. The best part is the pay is really well.
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The Government in Constantinople is amazing!

The government there has simply became better we have our Patriarch Cerularius is a great government official, he ran the churches and was part of the government. There were rarely people who could do that.
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