By Kate Hollingsworth


  • God of the Sea
  • Associated with navigation, horses, and earthquakes
  • Carries the trident
  • Brutal, changing, and moody


  • Son of Cronus and Rhea
  • Brother of Zeus and Hades
  • Wife is Amphitrite, but had many love affairs
  • Son: Triton
  • Many other children such as Pegasus, Polyphemus, and Orion

Wars and Battles

Trojan War

  • Assisted the Greeks
  • Disobeyed Zeus's orders to stay out of the war
  • Would switch sides throughout the war

Seige of Troy

  • During the Trojan War
  • Trojans seemed to be winning the war
  • Disobeyed Zeus and went onto the battlefield

Poseidon and Odysseus

  • Odysseus blinded Polyphemos with a burning spear
  • Poseidon caused him and his family misery