Ancient Greece

By Samantha Hammond


My project is about Ancient Greece. I learned a lot about this unit like how they used to be slaves. And their houses, how they made them. An the foods they ate every day. I hope you enjoy my presentation.

Heritage of the Ancient Greeks

The culture of the Greeks had began before the city-states and it survived long after the Greeks lost their independence. Almost all of the Greeks power went to the peninsula in the 5th century B.C. In everything the Greeks did they surpassed everyone else. The arts of the Greeks were singularly free of exaggeration. Greek artists and philosophers were known as teachers in other lands when the Greeks Golden Age went over the peaks.

Daily life in the Age of Pericles

The people of Athens were once slaves but the lived simple lives. They ate two meals a day which almost always had bread, vegetable broth, fruit and wine. Their houses were made of sun-dried bricks and the houses sit on narrow, winding streets. The woman had to stay home and do the work inside of the house. The men had to do stuff out on the farm or in the city.

The End of the Greek City-States

King Philip II who became king in 360 B.C. He was killed and all his power went to his son Alexander who wasn't even 20. Alexander over through the last of the Persian army. He built his empire so that it was spoken of from people of the Mediterranean. The Greek city-states spread the culture and Ideas of the Greeks.

Greek Gods-Roman Gods

Zues-Jupiter Hera-Juno Ares-Mars Hermes-Mercury Aphrodite-Venus

Poseidon-Neptune Apollo Artemis-Diana Hades-Pluto Hephaestus-Vulcan

Athena-Minerva Hestia-Vesta Demeter-Ceres Persephone-Kore Dionysus-Bacchus


I hope you liked my project about Ancient Greece. I hope you also liked the Greek gods to Roman gods thing too. It was really hard to remember all of those gods and goddesses. I learned a lot about the houses and what they ate. I really hoped you liked my presentation.


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