Our Weekly Learning

What are we doing the week of September 15-19th?

2nd Grade Reading

Essential Question: How can you show a friend that you care about him or her?

High Frequency Words: eat, put, give, small, one, take

Phonics: Short U review, blends

Fluency: Blending

Comprehension: Story structure (characters, setting, important events), text features

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3rd Grade Reading

Essential Question: How is a school like a community?

High Frequency Words: both, cold, eat, find, green, little, long, says, table, we

Vocabulary: wonderful, noises, quiet, sprinkled, share, noticed, bursting, suddenly

Phonics: Consonant blends

Fluency: Base words and endings, phrasing

Comprehension: Story Structure (characters, setting, important events, text features

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Both second and third graders are working on narrative writing. We are currently writing personal narratives, which means we are writing about things we have experienced. We are also working on types of sentences and appropriate punctuation. We are going to try to use all three sentences in our writing - telling, asking, and exclamation!

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In math we are studying place value. We started off reviewing ones and tens, then moved onto hundreds. Soon we will be working with larger numbers up to the thousands. We are excited to learn about "big numbers" and are working on adding three-digit numbers with regrouping. In addition, we are continuing to practice our addition and subtraction facts so we can be fluent when solving more challenging problems. We have been reviewing one-step and two- step word problems with addition. Next we are moving onto subtraction word problems!

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Social Skills

Our Social Skills group has been learning about four basic emotions - happy, sad, angry, and nervous. We are working on identifying what these feelings look like and feel like, as well as situations where we might experience them. Be sure to ask your child to identify how they feel in a variety of situations so they can make those real life connections! We are also discussing how our feelings impact our friendships and how we can still make good choices even if we are having strong feelings.

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